06 October, 2013

My week in pictures

lol, I quite like this idea, i'm not supposed to *chat* but to show my week in pictures, I forgot to photo the bottles of wine, glasses of bourbon and the back pills that have got me and DH through one of the weeks from hell but here are some happy photo's and yes, I've got a flimsy finish. I got half of it pieced yesterday afternoon while DD was *stitching* and then finished it off tonight. The triangles generally don't match at the points, I realised that I mucked up with some of the initial triangles and next time i'm ironing the seams open, then I think they'll nest better. DS wants the quilt, I think it's a bit girly for him and I had a sketch/chevron triangle quilt planned for him but we'll see if he's still keen on it when it's quilted and bound. He told me that two of his male friends told him that pink is "a la mode"
I'm hoping to get some more of the dragon quilt quilted tomorrow, I've got some things stacking up ready to be quilted now.

Happy Sunday, I'm off to watch Downton now i've buffered enough of the recording to jump all the damn adverts lol...

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  1. You wouldn't be able to tell from your pictures that it has been such a dire week - glad it wasn't all bad, and the pain meds are working (mostly anyway).

  2. Great pics. I think that some seams are better pressed open it depends on the style of the block.

  3. Thanks for sharing your pictures, you did a lot this week. Love the triangle quilt.

  4. hope you are now back to yourself again. I find if I press seams one day it is easier to butt them up and have seams meeting but can be a bit bulky.


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