04 October, 2013

It's Friday night

It's Friday and tonight and i'm spending it sewing with friends, yup it's that time again,

If you'd like to join in, go link up at Stitching Cubby hole I'm hoping to finish my pumpkin which I started on Wednesday and have it ready for photo's tonight or perhaps tomorrow morning :)

I know I missed blogging yesterday but at the moment I don't feel like I have anything to be (thankful thursday) thankful for, I know it's quite a selfish view but tbh... I haven't got great health, work or lack of it, is hanging on a tightrope and we now won't know until next week if not later and it's just on our minds constantly.

So tonight is the official start of the weekend :) and we're going to enjoy it, although it looks like its grass cutting, tidying before winter and cooking a nice roast. Boy child has football and luckily another mum is taking them so DD and I may sneak ourselves off to our sewing machines :)

Have a fab Friday night

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  1. Sewing with friends and on the sewing machines today enjoy. I know what you mean when waiting for news it has a very negative effect on things. Chin up and enjoy your DD company today. I have a 4 year old party to go to this afternoon ear plugs at the ready.

  2. Looking forward to seeing your pumpkin... :)


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