07 October, 2013


ohhh I've seen a quilt I NEED to make. I've recently resubscribed to some different online american quilting magazines. They worked out at like £10 for each years subscription. You get 4 magazines and Quilters world you get access to the last 2 years or more's mags.... I had a few years subs when I started quilting so have all the issues now from 2006 to the new Christmas edition. They are online, you can download them to view offline in pdf format, will work on tablets, kindle or computer. I like them because I can print out the pages I need when I need them.
Anyway, I've digressed, this issue of Quilters World has 3 super easy, fab looking quilts that are going onto my #stashbusting need to make list :)

This one is Diamonds in the rough and a smaller quilt needs 42 10" read as solid squares or for a bigggggg quilt 90 squares and all the cute little middles are scraps, I've got a huge scrap bag and think this might be a fab pick up and put down project.  Can you buy layer cakes with different coloured solids does anyone know ???

This one is Meli Melo and uses 9 FQ's think it was, some big scale prints and tonals. I'm going to have a hunt through my stash when I tidy it all up later on in the week *I hope*

This is another solid 4 coloured wall hanging, think I might even have the solids needed :)

I love a bit of inspiration on a Monday night.  I'm off to the back doc tomorrow, might have the injection at the same time so hopefully I'll be around to blog but if not I may just miss another blogtoberfest day :(

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  1. My to do list is getting to long. Good luck tomorrow with the doc.

  2. Inspiration is always good.
    Good luck at the doctor's!
    (Would a chiropractor be able to help you? Next time?)

  3. I subscribe to Quilter's World online too - so much cheaper and no long wait for the postman! I have just signed up to Quiltmaker for six issues too! Do you have other recommendations?

    Hope your back is better soon.


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