31 October, 2013

Happy Halloween !!!

Linking up to quilt matters who's hosting TGIFF today with a fabulous Halloween wall hanging, it'll take your breath away

The other day, I decided to grab my Halloween panel which I nearly threw out in disgust last year, I pieced an impro backing and disliked it LOTS....decided not to throw it but hid it in the back of the cupboard. Well, I got it out, loaded it on the quilt and just pumped it to full speed, not worrying about stitch lengths, designs just went with the flow and sorta followed the panel.

Feeling my @trudi_wood groove #practice #neon
Using superior threads neon polyester  I did loops, I roughly traced the bricks, the angles and fences, a few circles here and there and bob's your uncle :)

I bound it with plain black and put one of those little corner edges in to hang it.


I wanted to try to get some lights and considering it's a wall hanging, it doesn't matter if the wires are on the back or not, no-one's going to see them. 
So I cut holes in the quilt in appropriate places using a grommet maker, there are some in the ghost eyes, frog eyes, pumpkin eyes and round the couldron.
Put the LEDS in and then dh kindly wired them up.  (You could just buy battery led christmas lights) but I didn't want to wait (i'm impatient like that) and it was a stormy day and driving 80kms round trip just for a £5 set of lights was a no no

Really excited to show you the finished article, glowing nicely ready for tonight


I'm now planning my christmas tree quilt  lighting, having a few problems because
  1.  it needs to be washed, 
  2.  it needs to not have wires in the back so if it's inside the quilt they need to be able to bend without breaking the connection
  3. if I use conductive thread in the bobbin you'll see it on the front of the quilt.....
ahh it's a challenge but one i'm sure we'll conquer somehow, I mean I do live with a techie and have a techie bro too :)  Using technology in a quilt can't be that hard surely

We aren't trick or treating tonight as we did it yesterday but the house is looking very halloweeny :)

 Wondering who will come knocking on our door.

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  1. you must be delighted you did not bin this last year as it has worked wonderfully and no doubt will appear every halloween

  2. Your quilt is amazing! That lighting is great. I hope you soon work out a solution to your Christmas tree quilt :)

  3. Wow...you did an amazing job! Thanks for sharing. Stopping by from TGIFF.

  4. Pippa, this is freaking awesome! I love it! Brilliant idea to add the lights -- the perfect touch! Thanks for the kind words about my wallhanging and for linking up to TGIFF!


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