18 October, 2013

Fab friday

My baby is 6 today, she had school and swimming so we were up at 7 so she could open her pressies.  I got busy making the binding for the dragon quilt. I do love my dh and his expensive,what do I need this for pressies. Within 3 minutes I had a huge roll of binding,I'm guesstimating its 400".  I rolled it onto an aurifil spool like susan@canadianabroad does and hooked it onto my sewing machine spool,made it so much easier.   Tonight I'm just starting to handstitch the back down. It may take some time !!!!!! Tomorrow is party afternoon so wish me luck.
Edited ill add photos tomorrow but blogger on phone won't allow photos tonight


  1. have a lovely party! think it will be rather noisy though. You say you had masses of binding in a few minutes, do you have one of those wonderful machines you feed the fabric through and out it pops like magic?


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