22 October, 2013

Days of Yore Quilt finished

I'm entering the Bloggers Quilt Festival, it's that time of year again because it's market time and while all the *pro's* are getting to look lovingly at fabric, we lucky bloggers get to look at all the gorgeous quilts made out of alot of last year's market fabric lol..
Days of Yore is going to be entered in Bed Quilts category It's not half as fabulous as the other entries but it's bed sized lol...

Please go and check out the other quilts and vote from Friday

When I first saw this quilt, Days of Yore I wanted to make it, I've never felt as strongly about one as I did this one.  I haven't ever bought a pattern and the fabrics, I always shy away from *kits* I did change some fabric colours but Fabric Shack came through as usual and by November last year it was finished.

#finished sorry bout photo,didn't make it for our superking bed but it fits,may end up in our new bedroom tho lol

Lots of challenges, mitred borders and big blocks.  I ordered black batting for it and a bright variegated stripe and black cotton sheet for the backing.
I loaded it on the frame earlier in the month or maybe even last month, determined to get it finished for halloween. I started, my back went dodgier than usual and it sat there, the kittens and cats have been lying on it but I spent an afternoon finishing the quilting, Friday making the binding and finished sewing it on last night. It made it's way onto the superking bed and surprisingly it fits perfectly, there's now a fight within the family as to who is getting to use the quilt, I'm contemplating using it on our new bed once the bedroom is built.

I thought i'd measured it and it was 90" square but the pattern says 80".... i'll measure it again one day lol,but we don't have a wall big enough so I enlisted dh to help me, he suggested using the van as a frame.... managed to get him folding it up after :)

It's pieced using Aurifil's 50wt in black, quilted using the Aurifil long arm polyester in Variegated green, (Yes it was the stuff I bought/accosted Alex for at Fat Quarterly Retrear) I used black superior threads bottom line bobbin thread and there are some double loops, loops, a square in a square, some weird triangles in triangles, gentle curves and my own made large triangle type border style for the borders.
I'm so glad I used black batting because I'm sure it would've got white flecks on it, more than the dust/dog hairs it has now.  The batting did smell very chemically and felt *stiff* but when I get a good dry day it'll be going in the wash.

So so so pleased I made this one, think it's my new favourite quilt :)

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  1. What a fun quilt!! You did a fabulous job---I say keep it for YOUR bed and make the kidos other quilts. ;D

  2. definately it belongs on your bed, it realy is an amazing quilt,


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