28 October, 2013

Catch up

Ahh life is getting better, the weather has been warm and very windy but seems to be on the chillier side this week,
#christmas #preparations #2013 see I've been busy tonight and lots of presents bought

Appropriate then that I got on and made our Christmas cake over the weekend.

#christmas2013 is coming, cake out of oven

There is lots of white and brown rum in it and it'll be fed more sips every week or so until the week before, then I'll be marzipanning and shoving the icing on.

Run out of mixed fruit so not sure I'll be making my Christmas pudding for a while.

The weekend consisted of wood being delivered for winter, DS and DH started stacking some with the JCB into the new wood store/building
#moving #wood in old #rex #jcb #winter is coming

I did a bit of quilting over the weekend and have managed a finish, let's just say I'll be showing you it over Halloween......ohhhhh :)
Remember last month, I told you i'd been making some Halloween projects, this week I'll show you them day by day.

Today's quicky finish is these little panels pieces, I literally cut them out, stitched them and they are now hanging in the hallway ready for any trick or treaters. This kids particularly like these and as they are double sided, fight over which side we're having showing each day.

Have a fab Monday evening, I hope all those in the UK are safe and well after the storm x

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