31 October, 2013

Happy Halloween !!!

Linking up to quilt matters who's hosting TGIFF today with a fabulous Halloween wall hanging, it'll take your breath away

The other day, I decided to grab my Halloween panel which I nearly threw out in disgust last year, I pieced an impro backing and disliked it LOTS....decided not to throw it but hid it in the back of the cupboard. Well, I got it out, loaded it on the quilt and just pumped it to full speed, not worrying about stitch lengths, designs just went with the flow and sorta followed the panel.

Feeling my @trudi_wood groove #practice #neon
Using superior threads neon polyester  I did loops, I roughly traced the bricks, the angles and fences, a few circles here and there and bob's your uncle :)

I bound it with plain black and put one of those little corner edges in to hang it.


I wanted to try to get some lights and considering it's a wall hanging, it doesn't matter if the wires are on the back or not, no-one's going to see them. 
So I cut holes in the quilt in appropriate places using a grommet maker, there are some in the ghost eyes, frog eyes, pumpkin eyes and round the couldron.
Put the LEDS in and then dh kindly wired them up.  (You could just buy battery led christmas lights) but I didn't want to wait (i'm impatient like that) and it was a stormy day and driving 80kms round trip just for a £5 set of lights was a no no

Really excited to show you the finished article, glowing nicely ready for tonight


I'm now planning my christmas tree quilt  lighting, having a few problems because
  1.  it needs to be washed, 
  2.  it needs to not have wires in the back so if it's inside the quilt they need to be able to bend without breaking the connection
  3. if I use conductive thread in the bobbin you'll see it on the front of the quilt.....
ahh it's a challenge but one i'm sure we'll conquer somehow, I mean I do live with a techie and have a techie bro too :)  Using technology in a quilt can't be that hard surely

We aren't trick or treating tonight as we did it yesterday but the house is looking very halloweeny :)

 Wondering who will come knocking on our door.

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30 October, 2013

Wonky Window Wednesday

Do you remember the cathedral window, well as I was looking through the super talented Kim from @gogokim's blog I found this super tutorial for a wonky window
I immediately envisaged it as a cute little mug rug/pot holder just a nice thing to have hanging around during halloween. I do admit to burning my fingers lots with the ironing and may have developed a little blister but I LOVE this.... Next time i'm going to cut the window fabric slightly larger than the tutorial but I think it's because my squares aren't as tidy as they could be.


This is going to be used as a patchwork club tutorial, some already know how to make the traditional cathedral windows and want to know how to make the wonky ones, I think it'd be fab enlarged as a big pillow...

Have a wild Wednesday, I'm running around like a blue ars*d fly today, have to pick up keys for patchwork club, then off to an afternoon of Halloween wickedness with the kids (photo's tomorrow) and then evening patchwork club, hoping it'll be quiet and I can get on with finishing off some Christmas bits for the Christmas market.

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29 October, 2013

A Cat Fright

As soon as I opened the September issue of Fons & Porters Love of quilting, (well I virtually opened it considering it was an e book magazine lol)
I fell in love with this simple 12" wall hanging, the Pattern is here

The Talented Jean from My Stitching Peace designed it and it took me an afternoon to cut out, fuse, hand quilt with chunky perle cotton and border.  I was rushing it to show at patchwork club.

I felt it was missing the all important buttons and emailed Jean via facebook asking would she be willing to ship the buttons too me.  They arrived safe and sound and definitely make the wall hanging. (I do have spares if anyone is interested 4$ and price of shipping)  Now I'm hoping Father Christmas will bring me an Ackfield mini quilt stand holder to hang these on, I think mini quilts may be an interesting idea for 2014.
If you fancy making Jean's Christmas one, it's a really sweet snowman and yes I may have already printed the pattern out, you can find it Here

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28 October, 2013

Catch up

Ahh life is getting better, the weather has been warm and very windy but seems to be on the chillier side this week,
#christmas #preparations #2013 see I've been busy tonight and lots of presents bought

Appropriate then that I got on and made our Christmas cake over the weekend.

#christmas2013 is coming, cake out of oven

There is lots of white and brown rum in it and it'll be fed more sips every week or so until the week before, then I'll be marzipanning and shoving the icing on.

Run out of mixed fruit so not sure I'll be making my Christmas pudding for a while.

The weekend consisted of wood being delivered for winter, DS and DH started stacking some with the JCB into the new wood store/building
#moving #wood in old #rex #jcb #winter is coming

I did a bit of quilting over the weekend and have managed a finish, let's just say I'll be showing you it over Halloween......ohhhhh :)
Remember last month, I told you i'd been making some Halloween projects, this week I'll show you them day by day.

Today's quicky finish is these little panels pieces, I literally cut them out, stitched them and they are now hanging in the hallway ready for any trick or treaters. This kids particularly like these and as they are double sided, fight over which side we're having showing each day.

Have a fab Monday evening, I hope all those in the UK are safe and well after the storm x

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24 October, 2013

Giant Starburst Quilt Along

Ohhh I'm so excited about this, I loved the quilt when I saw it and I think it'll be fab for my son's quilt, may use my sketch if I've got enough, who else is joining Canoe Ridge Creations and me with the sew along :)

Details about starting dates are here Giant Starburst Quilt Along
to be honest it doesn't look *that* complicated, for me I expect the biggest hassle will be i've only got a 16" ruler and I'm guesstimating that each block will be 20" finished, oh well.... it'll be a challenge :)

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22 October, 2013

Days of Yore Quilt finished

I'm entering the Bloggers Quilt Festival, it's that time of year again because it's market time and while all the *pro's* are getting to look lovingly at fabric, we lucky bloggers get to look at all the gorgeous quilts made out of alot of last year's market fabric lol..
Days of Yore is going to be entered in Bed Quilts category It's not half as fabulous as the other entries but it's bed sized lol...

Please go and check out the other quilts and vote from Friday

When I first saw this quilt, Days of Yore I wanted to make it, I've never felt as strongly about one as I did this one.  I haven't ever bought a pattern and the fabrics, I always shy away from *kits* I did change some fabric colours but Fabric Shack came through as usual and by November last year it was finished.

#finished sorry bout photo,didn't make it for our superking bed but it fits,may end up in our new bedroom tho lol

Lots of challenges, mitred borders and big blocks.  I ordered black batting for it and a bright variegated stripe and black cotton sheet for the backing.
I loaded it on the frame earlier in the month or maybe even last month, determined to get it finished for halloween. I started, my back went dodgier than usual and it sat there, the kittens and cats have been lying on it but I spent an afternoon finishing the quilting, Friday making the binding and finished sewing it on last night. It made it's way onto the superking bed and surprisingly it fits perfectly, there's now a fight within the family as to who is getting to use the quilt, I'm contemplating using it on our new bed once the bedroom is built.

I thought i'd measured it and it was 90" square but the pattern says 80".... i'll measure it again one day lol,but we don't have a wall big enough so I enlisted dh to help me, he suggested using the van as a frame.... managed to get him folding it up after :)

It's pieced using Aurifil's 50wt in black, quilted using the Aurifil long arm polyester in Variegated green, (Yes it was the stuff I bought/accosted Alex for at Fat Quarterly Retrear) I used black superior threads bottom line bobbin thread and there are some double loops, loops, a square in a square, some weird triangles in triangles, gentle curves and my own made large triangle type border style for the borders.
I'm so glad I used black batting because I'm sure it would've got white flecks on it, more than the dust/dog hairs it has now.  The batting did smell very chemically and felt *stiff* but when I get a good dry day it'll be going in the wash.

So so so pleased I made this one, think it's my new favourite quilt :)

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Tuesdays Twitters

I'm currently sitting in #talknt2 on twitter and having a quilty discussion, so excuse any spelling errors, I'm also trying to plant hundreds of corns to feed my chicken on Royal Story (it's like farmville except you have castles etc) so triple tasking.

@quiltova this OK??? Before I stitch handle

Today I started on my bee block, its from Sarah Fielke and it's teacups and teapots, I have to make 2 of these....  The instructions weren't the clearest I didn't think but I think it'll make a fab quilt, now to decide how to applique the handle on.  I think I might start saving fabric to make a jar quilt, I've always loved the finished ones I've seen, some nice novelty sweets and stuff.

Mind you talking about fabric, I've been incredibly naughty and in the last two weeks have ordered 20 yards of fabric :( of which I really only needed 1/2yd to finish my Christmas tree quilt.  Pink Castle had 25% think it was off their sale prices !!! and 58" wide backing so would be incredible rude not to.  Then intrepid thread had a special on their moda fabric and the 1/2 yard of Cocoa fabric was reduced and then there was a weekend discount code....so had to make up the postage cost lol....  Still waiting to see if DH's contract is being renewed so I'll be on a big fabric diet after that !!!

Ewww its out #bigtooth she twisted it out....tooth mouse will visit tonight now

DD lost her big front tooth, excuse the dirty face, she got fed up of it and twisted it out OUCH !!!! so she's lisping lots atm but it's great for Halloween, she'll look proper witchy lol...
Happy Tuesday
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Just a sneak

Its 12.30pm will blog properly tomorrow/later today but its finished :)

18 October, 2013

Fab friday

My baby is 6 today, she had school and swimming so we were up at 7 so she could open her pressies.  I got busy making the binding for the dragon quilt. I do love my dh and his expensive,what do I need this for pressies. Within 3 minutes I had a huge roll of binding,I'm guesstimating its 400".  I rolled it onto an aurifil spool like susan@canadianabroad does and hooked it onto my sewing machine spool,made it so much easier.   Tonight I'm just starting to handstitch the back down. It may take some time !!!!!! Tomorrow is party afternoon so wish me luck.
Edited ill add photos tomorrow but blogger on phone won't allow photos tonight

17 October, 2013

Happy Blogiversary to Me!

Happy Blogiversary to me !!!

Ahh yes, today is my 2nd Blogiversary :) doesn't time fly when your having fun lol...
Blogging is to me a way to record how my life has ticked along. 
There have been lots of quilts made in the last two years and even more bits and bobs, bags, pincushions, cushions the list goes on and on. There have been two retreats where I got to meet even more fanatical blogging quilters and put faces to the blogs. I've joined two quilting bees. I've bought lots of books and even more fabric lol...

Today i'm off to buy little girl some last minute pressies, she's 6 tomorrow and might just pop into the fabric shop...hehe I need some buttons if nothing else :) I'm then attempting to find time to sew 380" of binding on a the dragon quilt
Have a terrific Thursday

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15 October, 2013

Tuesday's Twitterings

Yup it's Tuesday and it's 9pm here, 8pm in UK and i've just spent the last two hours having a really enjoyable quilting twitter chat, are any of you tweeters ???

Cara hosts and there are often great sponsors, like tonight's is a gift voucher from Pink Castle Fabrics. Here's a link to Cara's post with details how you can join in the Tuesday fun although we tend to use http://twubs.com/ now, you just login with a twitter account or a twubs one and then put talknt2 as the hashtag and there you are chatting with americans, canadians, brits, europeans and expats lol...

My kids know now to be quiet on Tuesdays from 7pm and do their own thing, it's twitter chat night lol....

I've been really busy today quilting, will show you tomorrow and try to get a better photo at some point but the weather's quite miserable at the moment.
Have a fab Tuesday evening x
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13 October, 2013

Patchwork expo

Our club held a patchwork creative salon yesterday (under the old president) and as I couldn't stand for ages to help out, Amelia and I popped in with a cake for the refreshments stall and had a look around.
It was absolutely packed as a coachful of people had turned up, which is sorta great in that the exhibitors were selling lots, not so great in that you couldn't get to see everything,people were pushing amelia and the club isn't actually due to make money out of the event,we'll probably lose money.

I wasn't really tempted by anything except for a cushion kit from Andree LeBlanc
I've been really lucky in the past to have participated in her toolless log cabin, pineapple blocks course, its really simple in that you have foundation which is marked up, sew, flip the fabric, sew on next line etc etc... I bought loads of the foundation paper to do more and as usual it's still in the drawer. I was really really tempted by the cushions that are made from tiny triangles log cabins but then decided I didn't have enough time and I should get on and do some of the log cabin stuff first. She makes hats, clothes, gorgeous bags, quilts, cushions wow so many things you can't believe they are all logcabins....

The other patchwork club about 15kms away held a show and a little stall so that patchworkers coming from out of the area could participate in two shows at the same time, they I have to say are much more professional in their finishes than our little club, mainly I think because they've been going longer, they have a slightly younger crowd generally and they are more committed to making quilts and complicated things, they also use both machines and hand work...
here's their piccies





I love all of these and came home with a few ideas, I entered into the prize draw so hopefully will get a phonecall tomorrow to say *come and pick up your prize* lol...here's hoping :)

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11 October, 2013

TGIFF and OctoberQuest2

Hi All,
Today i'm linking upto TGIFF which is also hosting Octoberquest2 for us to finish off wip's or bits during October.

I'm showing you something I started on Wednesday, when my aunt was here last month, she showed me this wreath and it looked fairly simple and effective, it's country style which always goes down well here in France, DH couldn't believe I was finishing a Christmas project during the 2nd week of October.... be prepared that's my motto.

#wip #wednesday
On Wednesday I began cutting out the shapes,

Perle cotton stitching stars & hearts under #scrapvomit quilt,so glad its heavy and warm when dh won't light furnace #cold
Today I cuddled under the quilt doing the perle thread embroidery bit, a little time on sewing machine and with the glue gun later... and Ta dahhhh


I need a little D ring or to sew an o ring on so we can actually hang it up and not use a drawing pin lol....

When I was tidying up after, I decided to get and make the first block of the diamonds in the rough quilt from Quilters world, I'm going to use light solids and low volumes for the backgrounds and scraps for the diamonds. If I do one now and again I won't get bored with it and also will have different scraps to use. You never know I might get to make more than the 42 I had planned and go upto the 90 block quilt.
1st block of #scrappy diamonds in the rough quilt by quilters world

And now for the awwww mummy moment, There's a school thing where you buy a little bracelet for 3 euros and 50cts or something goes towards the school fund to help pay for the trips out and stuff. I usually buy them one each but this year DS came to me and said he wanted to buy his sister one for her birthday next Friday and he went and got his pocket money.
Anyway, great excitement because it came in a pretty polka dot envelope and he went to the playroom to hide it, asked for some privacy because he wanted to write a note. I spied it today and have to say his little note brought a tear to my eye and a lump in my throat.

Awww to my lovely sister Amelia,you care for me and you love me and you do try hiding it but I know you will be loving me forever.  This present is not only for your birthday and to pay back the love you give me. Happy birthday Jacques.  Excuse his spelli

Excuse his spelling, he struggles with english words and he usually only writes in French, he reads English books but tends to spell the words as he says them and birfday is how I say it with my cockney accent lol...
This is what it says
For my lovely sister Amelia,you care for me and you love me and you do try hiding it but I know you will be loving me forever. This present is not only for your birthday and to pay back the love you give me. Happy birthday Jacques.

Isn't that too cute, for a 9 year old, he is a caring, very protective brother but yes, punches and kicks her and they get on each others nerves but deep down, he understands her like no one else does.

Have a great weekend, I'm footballing again tomorrow *sigh* but also off to our patchwork expo, so will bring back some photos

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