29 September, 2013

Things get in the way

Ahh indeed, life is slightly stressy, sucky and things are looking a bit bleak in the Parsons's household atm. We're waiting to hear if DH's work contract is being renewed at the end of October with the strong possibility that it won't, so fingers crossed but not much we can do except wait... I am a truly impatient person and hate our fate being in the hands of other people....hopefully we might know by the end of next week or the week after.

Our electricity got connected ok, not without some stress, the meter was too big to fit in the hole that is legally the size it has to be but the guys could not have been nicer and cleaned up after themselves so well.

We did have the electricity cut for 3 or 4 hours and I realised hand sewing can become difficult when the sun is setting, hehe but 10 hours and the guys left tired but with a good job done, they came back after the weekend to tarmac and concrete and we're all back to normal but with *proper* electric rather than a temporary supply and 1500e poorer :(

My back has been up and down, mainly down and after I went back to my GP to change medication as the morphine's working but its not a long term solution, he's now got me on an anti depressant that apparently works really well as a back pain medication, so we'll see how that goes and I've got to make an appointment tomorrow for my epidural cortisone.  DH cancelled his op as we've decided if he's going to be without work he might as well wait until he won't lose working days lol... so it seems a good time for my back to become the priority.  Have taken the kids swimming this morning and am going to try and be more active without jarring my back.
This has all meant more hand sewing and not too much machine sewing. 

Here's my Christmas tree quilt so far, I didn't realise it was going to be as big as it ended up and because of the cups pattern, I'm short 1/2 yard for the top border. I can get on with the little bunting so it'll look like tinsel but then my mind moved to having little led lights on it, like christmas tree lights and now i'm researching conductive threads and getting a bit technical even for my liking, so while I'm waiting for fabric to arrive lol... I also need to think about backing fabric.

I've finished two halloween projects which I'll post about nearer to the the time and making 11 jars of Green tomato chutney,
As autumn starts to hit us proper, I'll be getting out my christmas cake and pudding recipe to check on ingredients lol...
It's less than 100 days now you know. 
Happy Sunday and see you back on Tuesday for September's fresh sewing day and finishes :)
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  1. Oh boo :( Fingers crossed for the hubster and hope the drugs kick in nicely.

  2. such a lot of uncertainty in your home at the moment, I do hope that if the contract is not renewed there is something else for your H just around the corner. The epidural should help your back, a friend`s Mum has had one and is now fully mobile. If sitting does not aggravate the back it is a good excuse to get on with your creativity and not feel guilty.

  3. ouch fingers crossed that the new pills work. Also on the DH job. I hate uncertainty that will not be helping you either.

  4. Hope the new tablets help with the back. Fingers crossed for your OH's job


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