17 September, 2013

Ohhh rural life goes semi modern

Just a really quick post, we passed consuel this morning !!!!!!!!!!!!! what does it mean, well it's to say the electricity installation is safe and all plugs, wiring, sockets, lights conform to French standards and we can now go ahead and book our appointments to have *proper* electric, so the hole is being dug and the meter put in the wall on Thursday and hopefully 5-10 days later our electric nightmare will be over :)

I know stress is a major factor in my back problems and yesterday it was a killer, we needed shopping but I really didn't have the energy to walk around the shop and it would involve DH and kids coming to help me, so instead I took a look at our *new* Drive. The major supermarkets have a new initiative, you do your shop online like tesco's and asda,(I even managed a discount code and can use my cashback scheme) you book your slot and they text you to say it's ready, it's a free service at the moment, you drive to the supermarket (which is about 20 mins away and 28 miles round trip) in a special area, tell them your here and out they come, all the shopping in nice brown paper bags, frozen in another bag, all nicely packed not thrown in like tesco's used to do to me and they PUT IT IN THE BOOT !!!! how cool is that, no lifting at all, I offered to put one bag in but he refused and said its *policy* OMG I am in love.....It's not quite as nice as a wander round the shop but for times when I need dog food/cat food/litter/milk etc it's a godsend. He said that home delivery will come if more people use it, I can't see it getting to us but you never know.

So rural France, doesn't seem so rural today and we've moved into more modern times :)
I'm going to be making courgette cakes again today and hopefully might get on the machine at some point, with back brace on and morphined up...

Have a fab tuesday x

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  1. What a gem of a post. Hurrah for electric and supermarket shopping appearing in your car like magic.
    Hope your back is kind to you today xxx

  2. Huzzah!! Eclectricity!!! How have you managed before?? Treadle or generator??
    I absolutely LOVE my Sainsbury's delivery people - they bring it in & put it right on the kitchen counters!! (Had to train them not to put it on the floor LOL) Online shopping saves me soooo much money & time. I can't seem to enter a supermarket without losing substantial amounts of both cash & time. Needless to say, I LOATHE shopping IRL.
    Look after your back. xx

  3. Were you sewing by candle light before? :)

  4. Electric on tap you will not know yourself, one less stress for your back look after yourself. Thumbs up for on line shopping.

  5. I did not realise you did not proper electrics, have you been using your own generator till now? Shopping sounds good, that is if you have a car! Asda now meet you at one of their petrol stations if you want to collect your order to save going all the way to their store. It is in the centre of Leeds by their head office, think it will appeal to those who work full time in the city as they can pick up their shopping on the way home, mine I do on the bus but being on my own do not need too much,

  6. I shall be watching this "Drive" development with interest although I've not used it yet. I'm hoping the hypermarkets will add home delivery by the time we are too old to drive a car! It's a long walk even to our "local" tiny,tiny supermarket and there's not much choice of goods when you get there!


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