16 September, 2013

Me Me Me Monday

Ahhh Monday has rolled along, phew it's been a weekend of trying to rest, not easy with a family, cooking, cleaning and an electricity inspection looming but I manged to sit and then when that hurt, to move around a bit.

I made a gorgeous Courgette and Lemon drizzle cake, ohhh I so wish I'd had more eggs because I'm planning on making a few, cutting them into big slices and freezing them for when the I need cake feeling strikes.
#courgette and #lemon drizzle cake @imagingermonkey see yumminess from a marrow :)
If anyone wants the recipe, let me know :)

Little and large, tomorrow medium
I decided as I was *resting* that I'd get on with some christmas stitchery (I'm still waiting for my delivery of perle cotton) these were in quilters world and I have just got to finish the third one, (middle one) They look so sweet hanging on my design wall, am wondering if they'd sell at the Christmas market, will see what the patchwork ladies think on Wednesday.

Selfish sewing all finished and just for me,gorgeous fabric and fab tutorial from @gogokim can u spy the little dove peeking out ???

And now my selfish sewing, I decided that I couldn't really stand to start my Christmas quilt but I really wanted to play with some fabric, I've been looking at This tutorial for like forever, Kim makes it look so easy and after seeing lots of cathedral window's at FQR I decided I was making myself a pincushion from my Christmas fabric, so I ironed, cut and hand stitched while watching Casualty on Saturday night, I didn't want to machine stitch it as I've seen some dodgy looking ones and wasn't confident I'd be happy with machine stitches looking wonky. I thoroughly enjoyed making it and the hand stitching was a relaxing task, I can see this being a Patchwork club project if they don't already know how to make them. I'm hoping i'll have enough fabric left over from my quilt to make a cushion, Kim has the tutorial linked on her blog, think it's a pellon project. It does use alot of the white fabric though and you don't get to see it, perhaps a cheap cotton will work as well.

I'm linking up to ME ME ME on this cold and wet Monday morning, let's hope it's not as miserable where you are.

Have a good one !!!

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  1. I love your me me me Mondays!

  2. I hope your back is feeling a bit better, it sounds as though you had a pretty productive weekend. I would love the courgette and lemon cake recipe if you have time. Keeping my fingers crossed the electricity inspection goes well (and your dh's op). X

  3. Beautiful stitching. Glad you managed to rest just a bit.

  4. your Xmas decorations are lovely and I am sure you would have no trouble selling them even if you had 200. The cathedral windows pin cushion is pretty, will pop over to the link as I would like to do one too.


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