29 September, 2013

Me Me Me and selfish sewing

It's another bit of quick sewing that's just for me.  I'm not sure if anyone in the quilting world hasn't seen some selfish sewing this week, there have been hundreds of pictures appearing on IG or flickr and lots of blogposts.  I think it's a fab idea and I have been taking advantage of some handsewing time and have managed 3 bits of selfish sewing (that will be revealed in October) and tonight I've not only managed to use up some UFO (WTF am I going to actually do with these) paper pieced hexagons.
I made these while camping on 9th July 2012 !!!!!
and they've sat in a box since then.  This afternoon I was reading my new copy of McCalls Quilting and there was a pincushion, that happened to use a flower hexagon and one extra :)

30 minutes later and what have I got, a reversible pincushion :) I used perle cotton to make it pop up a bit more, I'm planning on putting my needles in it and I think the seperate bits of the hexi will work for partitioning off different needles

#selfishsewing pincushion,@mccallsquilting project,UFO finish and blogged :)

And the back

Have a fab week

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  1. pin cushion ,looks great, it is good when previous samples etc become actual pieces isn`t it.

  2. Well done: putting hexies to a good use!


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