13 September, 2013

Friday Frustrations

It's all been a bit quiet on the sewing front this week, I managed my Euro Siblings Together block, I actually really enjoyed making it and think it will make a fab quilt, it's my turn next month so if anyone has any recommendations for an 18" block made from scrappyish fabrics, please let me know :)

My back has been getting worse and worse, I did load the dragon quilt up and managed an hour of frame quilting and then nought.... I've actually been in too much pain to even think about sewing. Went to the docs and he's now given me morphine to get me through the next few days, I have to take it on a sugar cube....lol only in France, he says it goes in the same way as being injected but means I can take it when the pain is really bad.  Not really a long term solution and when I said I didn't want to be on drugs for the rest of my life, well why not was his reply DOH.... The normal drugs are opium which doesn't help too much or tramadol, which makes me feel a bit spinny, not ideal with the kids....
Anyway, i'll get through the next week and then dh is being operated on the week after, if I get another spate of pain, I'm off for a cortisone injection via epidural.

It's really frustrating because this pile of loveliness arrived today, the top lot In from the cold and my plan is a large wonky type Christmas tree made up of the greens, with the brown being the trunk and the charm pack is going to be bunting sewn around the tree.  The gorgeous cocoa cups is the border.  I can't wait to feel well enough to start it, although I still have the triangles quilt to sew too *opps*

So anyway, while I'm recovering I'm enjoying the kitties, I'm picking out papers from my round robin quilt and am starting a little snowman redwork, still waiting for my perle cotton to arrive which is incredibly frustrating because I could get on and stitch my BOM .... perhaps tomorrow.
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  1. Love your bee block. Hope you are soon able to sew again.

  2. Oh no Pippa! I am so sorry to hear about your pains.
    Great bee block.
    Good luck to your DH for his op.
    Hope you are both right as rain asap.

  3. Eee poor you!! But morphine on sugar cubes sounds like fun!!! I love your Christmas fabrics - can;t wait to that project :)

  4. your back pain sounds horrendous but I have hope with the epidural as a friend`s Mum has been suffering terribly and she had 2 epidurals and it has helped her tremendously and is now able to do the gardening again which she so loves to do. Mind you she is 81.
    Your plans for a christmas tree sound good looking forward to seeing how it works.
    Best of luck to DH with his op and hope you will both soon be feeling so much better.

  5. Ouch I hope you get some proper treatment soon. Kittens are great all curled up together. Christmas fabric looks great. Good luck for DH and the op. Take care and rest as much as you can.

  6. What a horrible situation amd you just have to make do, which is frustrating and makes you even feel more tired!! I wish I was your neighbour and give you a healing massage, Reiki or take your kids out for a day. They're managing themselves; they're old enough, aren' t they (to understand the situation)?
    Goodluck and both get well !


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