03 September, 2013

And the winner is.....

Thank you to all the people that linked up to TGIFF, I enjoyed looking through everyone's finishes, which was your favourite ??? I loved the Cathedral cushion and it's definitely moved onto my #todo list.

And now, with the help of Mr Random number generator the winner is,

Yup Indianna Dreams !!!! I'll email you and Sara in a minute :)
I'm so pleased it's gone to someone i've met IRL, infact I was really lucky to get her as a swop partner in London.

Life here is changing, the kid's went back to school today, DD started Primaire, she's 5 going on 6 so is one of the younger ones but her big bro is in the school to keep an eye on her.  Here in France, emphasis is put on writing and then reading, it's a bit weird, she can write in joined up writing (cursive) and can do simple addition and multiplication yet she can't read properly, just odd words. Hasn't done DS any harm though.

#backtoschool #firstday of primaire #nervousmummy

We also don't have uniforms so it can get a bit pricey, also DD is very fussy about what matches what, not a bad start back to school though 31C this afternoon and tomorrow off.
I've been massively busy and have designed a Block of the month for patchwork club,

#bom design for patchwork club,now to get colouring pencils out

Let's hope they like it, I'm hoping I calculated correctly and they'll be making templates no doubt and hand piecing it, URGHHH oh well....
Wish me luck, tomorrow is first proper session with me as Presidente, although the old one hasn't bothered coming for last 3 or 4 anyway....

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  1. Our kids learn cursive script too which I was unconvinced with before she started but I can now see the advantage that they always start the letter on the line and in the long run it cuts out having to learn how to join up letters. Hope your kids had a fun first day back!

    Good luck with being La Presidente, what responsibility! I'm sure it will all go smoothly x

  2. Kids are like sponges they learn anything as long as it is fun. I do not think it matters which way round as long as they learn to read and write which they will. My granddaughter starts Thursday and she has her older brother in the same school, she is so excited, luckily they do have a uniform otherwise it would take her ages to decide what she wants to wear in the mornings. The BOM looks great good luck as Presidente

  3. Thanks for the win. It was great to meet you in London and put a face to the blog! Hope your little ones enjoy school. Reading is so very important when it comes to spelling. Having lots of books around helps, even if they are only picked up now and then.


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