29 September, 2013

Me Me Me and selfish sewing

It's another bit of quick sewing that's just for me.  I'm not sure if anyone in the quilting world hasn't seen some selfish sewing this week, there have been hundreds of pictures appearing on IG or flickr and lots of blogposts.  I think it's a fab idea and I have been taking advantage of some handsewing time and have managed 3 bits of selfish sewing (that will be revealed in October) and tonight I've not only managed to use up some UFO (WTF am I going to actually do with these) paper pieced hexagons.
I made these while camping on 9th July 2012 !!!!!
and they've sat in a box since then.  This afternoon I was reading my new copy of McCalls Quilting and there was a pincushion, that happened to use a flower hexagon and one extra :)

30 minutes later and what have I got, a reversible pincushion :) I used perle cotton to make it pop up a bit more, I'm planning on putting my needles in it and I think the seperate bits of the hexi will work for partitioning off different needles

#selfishsewing pincushion,@mccallsquilting project,UFO finish and blogged :)

And the back

Have a fab week

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Things get in the way

Ahh indeed, life is slightly stressy, sucky and things are looking a bit bleak in the Parsons's household atm. We're waiting to hear if DH's work contract is being renewed at the end of October with the strong possibility that it won't, so fingers crossed but not much we can do except wait... I am a truly impatient person and hate our fate being in the hands of other people....hopefully we might know by the end of next week or the week after.

Our electricity got connected ok, not without some stress, the meter was too big to fit in the hole that is legally the size it has to be but the guys could not have been nicer and cleaned up after themselves so well.

We did have the electricity cut for 3 or 4 hours and I realised hand sewing can become difficult when the sun is setting, hehe but 10 hours and the guys left tired but with a good job done, they came back after the weekend to tarmac and concrete and we're all back to normal but with *proper* electric rather than a temporary supply and 1500e poorer :(

My back has been up and down, mainly down and after I went back to my GP to change medication as the morphine's working but its not a long term solution, he's now got me on an anti depressant that apparently works really well as a back pain medication, so we'll see how that goes and I've got to make an appointment tomorrow for my epidural cortisone.  DH cancelled his op as we've decided if he's going to be without work he might as well wait until he won't lose working days lol... so it seems a good time for my back to become the priority.  Have taken the kids swimming this morning and am going to try and be more active without jarring my back.
This has all meant more hand sewing and not too much machine sewing. 

Here's my Christmas tree quilt so far, I didn't realise it was going to be as big as it ended up and because of the cups pattern, I'm short 1/2 yard for the top border. I can get on with the little bunting so it'll look like tinsel but then my mind moved to having little led lights on it, like christmas tree lights and now i'm researching conductive threads and getting a bit technical even for my liking, so while I'm waiting for fabric to arrive lol... I also need to think about backing fabric.

I've finished two halloween projects which I'll post about nearer to the the time and making 11 jars of Green tomato chutney,
As autumn starts to hit us proper, I'll be getting out my christmas cake and pudding recipe to check on ingredients lol...
It's less than 100 days now you know. 
Happy Sunday and see you back on Tuesday for September's fresh sewing day and finishes :)
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17 September, 2013

Ohhh rural life goes semi modern

Just a really quick post, we passed consuel this morning !!!!!!!!!!!!! what does it mean, well it's to say the electricity installation is safe and all plugs, wiring, sockets, lights conform to French standards and we can now go ahead and book our appointments to have *proper* electric, so the hole is being dug and the meter put in the wall on Thursday and hopefully 5-10 days later our electric nightmare will be over :)

I know stress is a major factor in my back problems and yesterday it was a killer, we needed shopping but I really didn't have the energy to walk around the shop and it would involve DH and kids coming to help me, so instead I took a look at our *new* Drive. The major supermarkets have a new initiative, you do your shop online like tesco's and asda,(I even managed a discount code and can use my cashback scheme) you book your slot and they text you to say it's ready, it's a free service at the moment, you drive to the supermarket (which is about 20 mins away and 28 miles round trip) in a special area, tell them your here and out they come, all the shopping in nice brown paper bags, frozen in another bag, all nicely packed not thrown in like tesco's used to do to me and they PUT IT IN THE BOOT !!!! how cool is that, no lifting at all, I offered to put one bag in but he refused and said its *policy* OMG I am in love.....It's not quite as nice as a wander round the shop but for times when I need dog food/cat food/litter/milk etc it's a godsend. He said that home delivery will come if more people use it, I can't see it getting to us but you never know.

So rural France, doesn't seem so rural today and we've moved into more modern times :)
I'm going to be making courgette cakes again today and hopefully might get on the machine at some point, with back brace on and morphined up...

Have a fab tuesday x

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16 September, 2013

Me Me Me Monday

Ahhh Monday has rolled along, phew it's been a weekend of trying to rest, not easy with a family, cooking, cleaning and an electricity inspection looming but I manged to sit and then when that hurt, to move around a bit.

I made a gorgeous Courgette and Lemon drizzle cake, ohhh I so wish I'd had more eggs because I'm planning on making a few, cutting them into big slices and freezing them for when the I need cake feeling strikes.
#courgette and #lemon drizzle cake @imagingermonkey see yumminess from a marrow :)
If anyone wants the recipe, let me know :)

Little and large, tomorrow medium
I decided as I was *resting* that I'd get on with some christmas stitchery (I'm still waiting for my delivery of perle cotton) these were in quilters world and I have just got to finish the third one, (middle one) They look so sweet hanging on my design wall, am wondering if they'd sell at the Christmas market, will see what the patchwork ladies think on Wednesday.

Selfish sewing all finished and just for me,gorgeous fabric and fab tutorial from @gogokim can u spy the little dove peeking out ???

And now my selfish sewing, I decided that I couldn't really stand to start my Christmas quilt but I really wanted to play with some fabric, I've been looking at This tutorial for like forever, Kim makes it look so easy and after seeing lots of cathedral window's at FQR I decided I was making myself a pincushion from my Christmas fabric, so I ironed, cut and hand stitched while watching Casualty on Saturday night, I didn't want to machine stitch it as I've seen some dodgy looking ones and wasn't confident I'd be happy with machine stitches looking wonky. I thoroughly enjoyed making it and the hand stitching was a relaxing task, I can see this being a Patchwork club project if they don't already know how to make them. I'm hoping i'll have enough fabric left over from my quilt to make a cushion, Kim has the tutorial linked on her blog, think it's a pellon project. It does use alot of the white fabric though and you don't get to see it, perhaps a cheap cotton will work as well.

I'm linking up to ME ME ME on this cold and wet Monday morning, let's hope it's not as miserable where you are.

Have a good one !!!

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13 September, 2013

Friday Frustrations

It's all been a bit quiet on the sewing front this week, I managed my Euro Siblings Together block, I actually really enjoyed making it and think it will make a fab quilt, it's my turn next month so if anyone has any recommendations for an 18" block made from scrappyish fabrics, please let me know :)

My back has been getting worse and worse, I did load the dragon quilt up and managed an hour of frame quilting and then nought.... I've actually been in too much pain to even think about sewing. Went to the docs and he's now given me morphine to get me through the next few days, I have to take it on a sugar cube....lol only in France, he says it goes in the same way as being injected but means I can take it when the pain is really bad.  Not really a long term solution and when I said I didn't want to be on drugs for the rest of my life, well why not was his reply DOH.... The normal drugs are opium which doesn't help too much or tramadol, which makes me feel a bit spinny, not ideal with the kids....
Anyway, i'll get through the next week and then dh is being operated on the week after, if I get another spate of pain, I'm off for a cortisone injection via epidural.

It's really frustrating because this pile of loveliness arrived today, the top lot In from the cold and my plan is a large wonky type Christmas tree made up of the greens, with the brown being the trunk and the charm pack is going to be bunting sewn around the tree.  The gorgeous cocoa cups is the border.  I can't wait to feel well enough to start it, although I still have the triangles quilt to sew too *opps*

So anyway, while I'm recovering I'm enjoying the kitties, I'm picking out papers from my round robin quilt and am starting a little snowman redwork, still waiting for my perle cotton to arrive which is incredibly frustrating because I could get on and stitch my BOM .... perhaps tomorrow.
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09 September, 2013

Friendship across the miles,

Anyone who loves quilting/patchwork and reads blogs will probably have heard/seen or met Katy from Im A Ginger Monkey .  Her and her family have had a rough few weeks and her DH has had an emergency operation, (he's recovering at home slowly but surely), anyway, she commented on twitter that neighbours hadn't offered her a cake or brought round a dinner etc, like you see in the movies/tv.
We had a tweet convo and I sat and realised just how lucky I am. Our neighbours and I swop home grown veggies, cakes, crepes, biscuits, cheeses and to be honest anything we think each family would like. (pickled onions, chutneys, swiss rolls,Cheddar along with brit sweets, creme eggs lol)
We've been known to swop hairy bikers Christmas vodka for chocolate truffles.
Both sets of our neighbours are really nice and I know would help us out if we needed any and we them. (DH helps them quite a bit with mechanical stuff). We shared water when we had frozen pipes heheh and now we share school run duties.

I really couldn't believe that no one had taken a cake or even a meal she could just heat up, what has Britain become or is it the same in your homeplace ??? it's at times like that I feel a bit useless not that I could really help her anyway if we were in UK, I lived in the south and she's up north lol...but it's sad that people aren't more *neighbourly*

That got me thinking to the awesome act of friendship and generosity that Luisa (A quilter I'd never spoken to or met IRL sent me over a 100" square log cabin quilt) heres's my original post   I got the quilt back out of the box and took a photo while the sun was out
This gorgeous quilt was gifted to me by an older Italian lady who I've never met/talked too,will find blogpost,need a blue/cream backing for it vintage perhaps ???
It's going to be a struggle to get it on the frame as it's max is 98" and the quilt is 100" but I might be able to improvise with it, now i'm going to look for a vintage sheet or two that would be appropriate for the backing.

Then the doorbell rang, it was our neighbour giving us cucumbers, aubergines, yellow and green courgettes and offered some tomato's too. I definitely counted my blessings again and will try to appreciate just how lucky we are to live where we live alot more that I do at the moment. The fruit of my labours resulted in these gorgeous Chocolate and courgette muffins, it's a new to me recipe (I usually make one large one with a chocolate ganache that is yummy too but more complicated recipe) and I reduced the sugar to about 200-250g. Truly yummy and the kids that don't like courgettes much loved the muffins.
#chocolate and #courgette muffins for gouter this afternoon :)

Now if only I was closer, I'd be sending a batch over for Katy to try :)

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Monday Musings

What have I been upto, well firstly, on Friday night I got busy and made the second block from my BOM Sampler, thought I better have shown willing for the club members. They were quietly enthusiastic about this one and the Birdie stitches.

First block in my designed patchwork club sampler Block 1

2nd block in my patchwork club #bom #samplerBlock 2

I put a call out on flickr, Instagram, twitter and facebook to see if anyone had a charm pack of Frolic, (I'd sewn up the border on the block before checking that I had enough of a mix to frame all the blocks with it) luckily I've sourced one from a FQR buddy :)

Come on Perle cotton I want to start stitching #hurryuppostman
I'm really frustrated because I'm waiting on 50 balls of Perle Cotton and the postman is being really really slow delivering it to me, :(

On Saturday, mum and dad took the kids out for lunch and some shopping so I had a go on the frame, I practiced what trudi had taught us on retreat and read through some books, got busy with e's & l's, interlocking hearts and more dragon's.
Someone likes today's practice

Bonnie is happy now as she has a large area to lie on now, especially as the kitties have taken over her bed,
Kitties in #dogbed

oh and my frame !!!! Can I just add, I'm loving the Aurifil poly, it hasn't broken on me once, fab tension with the bottom line bobbin thread....so worth begging Alex@aurifil to bring some over to London, just kicking myself now I didn't buy more... oh well,

#quilting practice on frame #listened to @trudi_wood  at @fatquarterly retreat

Until tomorrow, :)
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06 September, 2013


Tonight is Friday Night with Friends, it's the first Friday of the month, so time to do some sewing, a glass of wine and link up with all us other girlies, tomorrow I'll post what I got up to. If you wan't to join in go and link up Here

Have a good evening !!!
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03 September, 2013

And the winner is.....

Thank you to all the people that linked up to TGIFF, I enjoyed looking through everyone's finishes, which was your favourite ??? I loved the Cathedral cushion and it's definitely moved onto my #todo list.

And now, with the help of Mr Random number generator the winner is,

Yup Indianna Dreams !!!! I'll email you and Sara in a minute :)
I'm so pleased it's gone to someone i've met IRL, infact I was really lucky to get her as a swop partner in London.

Life here is changing, the kid's went back to school today, DD started Primaire, she's 5 going on 6 so is one of the younger ones but her big bro is in the school to keep an eye on her.  Here in France, emphasis is put on writing and then reading, it's a bit weird, she can write in joined up writing (cursive) and can do simple addition and multiplication yet she can't read properly, just odd words. Hasn't done DS any harm though.

#backtoschool #firstday of primaire #nervousmummy

We also don't have uniforms so it can get a bit pricey, also DD is very fussy about what matches what, not a bad start back to school though 31C this afternoon and tomorrow off.
I've been massively busy and have designed a Block of the month for patchwork club,

#bom design for patchwork club,now to get colouring pencils out

Let's hope they like it, I'm hoping I calculated correctly and they'll be making templates no doubt and hand piecing it, URGHHH oh well....
Wish me luck, tomorrow is first proper session with me as Presidente, although the old one hasn't bothered coming for last 3 or 4 anyway....

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