08 August, 2013

Precision Piecing

While I was at retreat I took Lynne's precision piecing class. I had to make a quite difficult block for Betty for July's (yes I am 8 days late) European Siblings Together bee, and it's taken me most of the day off and on. There have been interruptions due to a sick daughter with a urine infection, nurse taking blood from DH, cooking, cleaning, oh and two hours of puppy training. It's finished and will be in the post tomorrow.

I realised a few things, :- I have to spend more time being accurate with my cutting
My machine is sewing a good 1/4" now
Pressing is where some of my problems manifest itself
I'm more accurate if I sew at a snails pace
ohh and that I need to breath more when on final seams :)

#precisionpiecing 18.5" first time #eurosiblingstogetherblock for Betty thanks @lilysquilts although took me hours lol
I think there may be one point that isn't perfect but the rest are pretty damn close and it came to the required 18.5" without me having to stretch and press it to within a inch of it's life.

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Ohh as a side note, I'm being really tempted by a new to me longarm machine and frame, there's a Babylock Q Drive, which is like the Avante, 18" of loveliness, I could do 12.5" pantographs with it rather than the 3-4" I'm restricted to now,it has stitch regulation as well as the speed control I have now, so the stitches will be uniform size, in time perhaps I could quilt professionally (there aren't many longarmers in France) and it's half the price of a new one in the UK but at £4300 it's still a hefty investment. DH is saying buy it but I haven't got the room to have it at its 3.3M full size atm, it's alot of money (did I already say that) will it be wasted on me considering i'm a new frame quilter, it's the price of a car which I may well need in the foreseeable future and DH's contract is up for renewal in October so it's bad timing BUT I haven't seen a longarm for sale in France for years.... *sigh*

Tomorrow, I'm planning on starting my next block for ST which is 4 churn dashes, should be fun *not* and another precision piecing challenge, when all I really want to do is load up the dragon quilt from way back when and get quilting with my aurifil thread :)

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  1. Ahhh what a dilemma! if you need any encouragement then I would say go for the longarm and a pair of hiking boots ;0)

  2. Love the block and looks very precise!!

  3. your block looks perfect to me so crisp and well wonderful. Long arm quilter sounds a good buy and if you can quilt for others it would pay for itself in time. Really worth considering, you might regret it if you do not snap it up and as you say it is a bargain, if DH says get it do as you are told!!

  4. Love the block really neat. I will try the link in a minute. Only you can decide on the longarm just weigh up all the pros and cons.

  5. I love my Avante, but it's not right for everyone. Carole (running Hare) would also be happy to share her honest opinion, I'm sure.

  6. looks like the remembering to breath worked!! block looks great x I am a firm believer that if you are unsure ... leave it until you are x if you are meant to have a long arm one that will fit all the requirements will come along xx

  7. I'm impressed your block looks fantastic! x

  8. The block looks great!! And hey, weren't you in it for the fun too?
    Well I do hope so ...
    And at € 5.000,00 that just might be a long arm bargain
    But still a lot of money ...
    Dilemma, i can understand.

  9. I'm with Liz! So what if it's coming up to winter LOL. Seriously though, If I had a dollar (that should be quid now!) for every potential long arm quilter I have heard say the same thing about being not very good, I could afford a long arm!!
    And I have the space to put it!!
    No one puts one up & starts quilting for money on the first day. Most people I know have had to practice for at least six months before they are proficient enough to sell to others. This is where charity quilts come in handy. Practice. Practice. Practice!!
    Imagine yourself in the nursing home & imagine yourself describing your previous employment, now ask this question;
    What are the words you want to hear coming out of your mouth? Is it long arm quilter?
    I say if it is & it's what you would really love to do, go for it!!
    Friendly rant over now :)
    Good luck
    Lush x


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