23 August, 2013

Friday Finishes

Well, we've had a week of firsts for my daughter, yesterday she swam for the first time without armbands, we took them off and she was happily swimming a length of mum's pool, turning around and doing it all again
Girl is swimming :) #noarmbands #noteven6 yet

Then today she got on her bike and rode it without stabilisers... she's so proud of herself. She's not yet 6 so not bad with the swimming, considering we haven't sent her for lessons or anything but I know a bit late on the bike front, DS was just 4 when he rode his but at least she's managed it.

Thanks to super u 80e free stationery
Our local supermarket had a special on 28 stationery products, you buy them and then get the money back in a gift voucher type thing, so we had 80E worth of free stuff :) we managed to get two lots of both...am I the only one that looooooooooooooooooves pens, paper, pads, highlighters lol...Pepsi likes stationery too :)
(think Pepsi likes the new folders too )  we had to share it all out between the 4 of us but now I have lots of nice pencils for patchwork club

The kittys have also grown alot the last few weeks but they may be going back to the cat's home (Just kidding) can you imagine the cheek of them....asleep inside my frame
Yes that is my quilting frame they've pulled the practice cotton off...must prefer batting
they've moved the practice cotton off and snuggled deep inside the batting.

Sewing wise, I've managed to get the 4 churn dash blocks made and sewn into a 18.5" block, currently in the post on it's merry way
August bee blocks done #eurosiblingstogether
Yes there is a fair bit of my precious architextures in there.

This afternoon I whipped up a pom pom hanging ornament, trying to work out if they'd be any good on the Christmas tree, I followed this tutorial
cute felt pompom
from SeamStar and used my sizzix die for 2.5" circles, took minutes to make and they came out cute, now I'm thinking some red, purples, gold and perhaps some glitter.
It's my 12th Wedding Anniversary on Sunday, it's silk apparently but I'm hoping a trip to the fabric store or car dealers might be in order.
Have a fab weekend x

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  1. Well done to your daughter! Swimming on her front and riding a bike without stabilisers are 2 big achievements, and to get them in the same week is amazing!

    Full steam ahead with your fabric shopping - what better excuse could you have than a silk wedding anniversary? Tell your other half he is getting a bargain because cotton isn't as expensive as silk.

  2. your daughter has done great with both the swimming and the biking.
    What a buy at the supermarket, ours never have offers like this, just as well as I could not resist either, love notebooks, mind you I have more than I will ever need so glad not to be tempted.
    Congratulations on your wedding anniversary, have a lovely day.Wonder was it fabric or a car maybe both
    Re your sizzix a considering one but not sure whether I will live to regret it, is it an expensive toy that I do not need, your advise please, seeing the pom pom makes me want one more but as I say expense and then what dies to buy?

  3. Well done to your daughter. Churn dash looks perfect you must be chuffed. Have a great day on Sunday and a lovely weekend to you all.


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