09 August, 2013

Dragons or camels

Just a really quick post, I loaded up the frame with some of my aurifil polyester to try and spent half an hour making up a daddy dragon and some baby ones as a pantograph, so I literally traced the pattern with a laser and the machine quilted it. The stitching is a bit small because I wasn't moving the laser as quickly as the machine was stitching. I think they look pretty cool, DH said yes only one looks like a camel....

Wow love @aurifil poly cute dragons stitches a bit small but good enough for me. Knew I should've bought more
Charming eh !!!

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  1. great piece, not sure what you mean about a laser, think you must have an all singing all dancing machine?

  2. I have the laser on my long arm, but I've never tried to use it! I also have the pantographs that it came with, three of them... I find it interesting that you created your own. How do you like it and do you find it useful? amateurquilter at gmail dot com


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