19 August, 2013

Digging around

Long time no speak to, I've been sewing some bits, one major finish which I'm showing you when I host TGIFF on 30th August.  I am trying to catch up with my bee blocks, Annabella wanted Churn dashes for her August block.  Slowly but surely I'm definitely getting more accurate with my blocks.  I love the fabric she sent us although am really surprised how thin the Indian summer is.

Churn Dashes

I also signed up to help kristy@quiet play with her next round of pattern testing, I volunteered for the digger considering we have one lying around in the garden lol.... it came together really quickly although I did unpick one tiny bit because I wasn't concentrating on digger or sky colour.

Digger delight

at 8.5" I think I'm either going to frame it and my son can hang it in his room or playroom although he wants me to make it into a cushion, we'll see :)
I'm sure it'll be in Quiet Play's Craftsy store soon and I know there will be loads of kids begging their mum's to get busy making them a digger.

One more bee block to try and get made this week, it's 4 9.5" churn dashes, sewn together to make one block or I can send 4 individual ones, it has very specific details of fabric/colour which may be hard to achieve, low volume background, blue but not light blue churn dashes, no kids trucks, cars, etc etc it's for a Siblings quilt and is aimed at a teenager, I think I may have to cut into my architextures *EEEEEK*

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  1. churn dash is a good block and the digger has turned out a treat

  2. Now Im worried about doing those churn dash block! The digger is great!

  3. Oooh love that paper pieced blog! Glad you're thinking about TGIFF already. Was just about to warn you that MR is away and I'm going to be on quilt camp next Friday. I'm going to schedule the promo post but would be great if you can give me a tip as to how to promo it by Wednesday if that's manageable! :)


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