29 August, 2013

Thank Goodness it's FINISHED Friday Giveaway

Today I'm really proud and privileged to be hosting Thank Goodness it's finished Friday or TGIFF for short, I have to say I substitute another word for Goodness most of the time, I'm also really lucky to be able to offer you a fab giveaway sponsored by Sara@SewSweetness

When I signed up to host months ago, I thought oh yeah I'll have a quilt to show but as it happens, it's not a quilt but a BAG !!!! (not surprising when Sara is offering a giveaway eh)

Since April, I've caught the bag making bug and especially Sara's patterns, her patterns are so well laid out with really great explanations and photo's.(as a rather famous blogger katy@imagingermonkey said, if Pippa can make one, anyone can PFFFF)

I've made two Aeroplane bags and a Soda Pop

For my Friday Finish, I'm revealing my finished Camp Stitchalot bag

I'd seen some of them at Fat Quarterly Retreat and when I got home, my little zippy bags had arrived. I cheated a bit, I bought a pack of 5 size A3 Tuff bags from Ebay (came from a seller in Hong Kong) as they'd already got the zips in, I did put the bias binding on the sides of the bags but it definitely saved me time and stress.
Three Plastic pockets and two folder style pockets on the inside

I love the front pocket, it's big enough for a tablet/ipad, the pockets on the back tighten with different levels of magnetic snaps,

I packed in 2 finished tablerunners,EPP project, 2 magazines, rulers, cutting mat, scissors, rotary cutter, pins, needles, thread, notebook, pens and still had plenty of room and the bag felt sturdy and the closures secure.
I didn't use all the interfacing that Sara often uses because it's difficult to get here.  I used IKEA triangle fabric, some yummy rain for the pockets, normal batting, some cheap interfacing and a piece of flexi plastic inside to give it some strength.  It's one of the cheaper and probably easier bags I've made but I struggle with topstitching so don't look too close.

Now, if you've managed to not fall asleep, please link up below any finishes and I'll choose a winner for some of Sara's patterns on Tuesday evening,
 if your not lucky enough to win, please go and check out her store sewsweetnesspatterns or maybe her book (it's on my Christmas list)
Have a great Weekend and thanks for popping by 

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26 August, 2013

Me, Me, Me Monday

Today is the Me, Me, Me Monday.

 Yesterday our wedding anniversary came and went, we all did a bit of what we wanted and I got busy sorting out some projects for patchwork club and had seen a great tutorial for a thread catcher.

Needling Things explained it really well and they are so easy to make. The first one I think is a bit small for a thread catcher, I didn't think the topstitching was a great idea because when I sewed up the catcher, you could see where I wasn't exactly on the same point... it's fab for holding my Aurifil, needle, scissors and thimble. I realised the other day, my aurifil had sat on the coffee table since I made the pompom on what, Friday and there's always stray thread floating around the settee. Not now :O)


I decided for patchwork club, as they like to do it all by hand that we'd make bigger ones, I enlarged the pattern to 12.5" and made the 2nd one out of some Lark cotton.
I filled it full of buttons but I'm thinking it would be lovely with some nice sweets or chocolates inside for a Christmas project/quick gift....they do literally take minutes to make.

Also, when I was in the UK I manged to find a suitable kilner jar, I've had Amy's Tutorial marked on my favourite list since she posted it in December, but i've been hunting for the correct jar, I got busy on Sunday and whipped it up, I'm filling it full of my pins and need to buy some more. It's a super quick and cute project so please go and check it out.

Now for super exciting news, I'm hosting TGIFF on Friday and there will be a FABULOUS giveaway for all those linking up a finish, it's one you won't want to miss so go on and get busy finishing off those projects :)

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23 August, 2013

Friday Finishes

Well, we've had a week of firsts for my daughter, yesterday she swam for the first time without armbands, we took them off and she was happily swimming a length of mum's pool, turning around and doing it all again
Girl is swimming :) #noarmbands #noteven6 yet

Then today she got on her bike and rode it without stabilisers... she's so proud of herself. She's not yet 6 so not bad with the swimming, considering we haven't sent her for lessons or anything but I know a bit late on the bike front, DS was just 4 when he rode his but at least she's managed it.

Thanks to super u 80e free stationery
Our local supermarket had a special on 28 stationery products, you buy them and then get the money back in a gift voucher type thing, so we had 80E worth of free stuff :) we managed to get two lots of both...am I the only one that looooooooooooooooooves pens, paper, pads, highlighters lol...Pepsi likes stationery too :)
(think Pepsi likes the new folders too )  we had to share it all out between the 4 of us but now I have lots of nice pencils for patchwork club

The kittys have also grown alot the last few weeks but they may be going back to the cat's home (Just kidding) can you imagine the cheek of them....asleep inside my frame
Yes that is my quilting frame they've pulled the practice cotton off...must prefer batting
they've moved the practice cotton off and snuggled deep inside the batting.

Sewing wise, I've managed to get the 4 churn dash blocks made and sewn into a 18.5" block, currently in the post on it's merry way
August bee blocks done #eurosiblingstogether
Yes there is a fair bit of my precious architextures in there.

This afternoon I whipped up a pom pom hanging ornament, trying to work out if they'd be any good on the Christmas tree, I followed this tutorial
cute felt pompom
from SeamStar and used my sizzix die for 2.5" circles, took minutes to make and they came out cute, now I'm thinking some red, purples, gold and perhaps some glitter.
It's my 12th Wedding Anniversary on Sunday, it's silk apparently but I'm hoping a trip to the fabric store or car dealers might be in order.
Have a fab weekend x

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19 August, 2013

Digging around

Long time no speak to, I've been sewing some bits, one major finish which I'm showing you when I host TGIFF on 30th August.  I am trying to catch up with my bee blocks, Annabella wanted Churn dashes for her August block.  Slowly but surely I'm definitely getting more accurate with my blocks.  I love the fabric she sent us although am really surprised how thin the Indian summer is.

Churn Dashes

I also signed up to help kristy@quiet play with her next round of pattern testing, I volunteered for the digger considering we have one lying around in the garden lol.... it came together really quickly although I did unpick one tiny bit because I wasn't concentrating on digger or sky colour.

Digger delight

at 8.5" I think I'm either going to frame it and my son can hang it in his room or playroom although he wants me to make it into a cushion, we'll see :)
I'm sure it'll be in Quiet Play's Craftsy store soon and I know there will be loads of kids begging their mum's to get busy making them a digger.

One more bee block to try and get made this week, it's 4 9.5" churn dashes, sewn together to make one block or I can send 4 individual ones, it has very specific details of fabric/colour which may be hard to achieve, low volume background, blue but not light blue churn dashes, no kids trucks, cars, etc etc it's for a Siblings quilt and is aimed at a teenager, I think I may have to cut into my architextures *EEEEEK*

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09 August, 2013

Dragons or camels

Just a really quick post, I loaded up the frame with some of my aurifil polyester to try and spent half an hour making up a daddy dragon and some baby ones as a pantograph, so I literally traced the pattern with a laser and the machine quilted it. The stitching is a bit small because I wasn't moving the laser as quickly as the machine was stitching. I think they look pretty cool, DH said yes only one looks like a camel....

Wow love @aurifil poly cute dragons stitches a bit small but good enough for me. Knew I should've bought more
Charming eh !!!

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08 August, 2013

Precision Piecing

While I was at retreat I took Lynne's precision piecing class. I had to make a quite difficult block for Betty for July's (yes I am 8 days late) European Siblings Together bee, and it's taken me most of the day off and on. There have been interruptions due to a sick daughter with a urine infection, nurse taking blood from DH, cooking, cleaning, oh and two hours of puppy training. It's finished and will be in the post tomorrow.

I realised a few things, :- I have to spend more time being accurate with my cutting
My machine is sewing a good 1/4" now
Pressing is where some of my problems manifest itself
I'm more accurate if I sew at a snails pace
ohh and that I need to breath more when on final seams :)

#precisionpiecing 18.5" first time #eurosiblingstogetherblock for Betty thanks @lilysquilts although took me hours lol
I think there may be one point that isn't perfect but the rest are pretty damn close and it came to the required 18.5" without me having to stretch and press it to within a inch of it's life.

Today i'm linking up with

Ohh as a side note, I'm being really tempted by a new to me longarm machine and frame, there's a Babylock Q Drive, which is like the Avante, 18" of loveliness, I could do 12.5" pantographs with it rather than the 3-4" I'm restricted to now,it has stitch regulation as well as the speed control I have now, so the stitches will be uniform size, in time perhaps I could quilt professionally (there aren't many longarmers in France) and it's half the price of a new one in the UK but at £4300 it's still a hefty investment. DH is saying buy it but I haven't got the room to have it at its 3.3M full size atm, it's alot of money (did I already say that) will it be wasted on me considering i'm a new frame quilter, it's the price of a car which I may well need in the foreseeable future and DH's contract is up for renewal in October so it's bad timing BUT I haven't seen a longarm for sale in France for years.... *sigh*

Tomorrow, I'm planning on starting my next block for ST which is 4 churn dashes, should be fun *not* and another precision piecing challenge, when all I really want to do is load up the dragon quilt from way back when and get quilting with my aurifil thread :)

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03 August, 2013

FQ sample swop

Look at my lovely goodies that I received from the sample swop at FQR

Indianna Dreams made the so cute coin purse and she obviously knows the supersition, " When giving a gift of a wallet, purse, piggy bank or anything that is meant to hold money, you should put money in it so the person will have good luck or
By putting money in a wallet or purse that is being given as a gift, you ensure that the wallet or purse will never be empty of money"
she put a penny in :)

This gorgeous london fabric purse/wallet is gorgeous and a fab addition to my *UK* bag/purse/set I keep a purse with my english money/cards etc. This was from Nikki Ward Smith

Finally, this fab Indian Summer sewing kit, there's a pincushion, hexi needlebook, room for floss, scissors, a little project, totally yummy

This was made my Jane @ teacupfaery and she has an Etsy shop if you want to check it out.

Not much on the sewing front atm, we've got family visiting, kitties, lots of swimming and trying to keep cool, fingers crossed I might get some of my late bee blocks done next week
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