19 July, 2013

On my way

Well I will be in just a few short hours,the waiting is finally over :). Ds is back to his noisy,cheeky,not doing as he's told self so poor mum will need a holiday to recover. I'm packed, soda pop bag and two aeroplane bags. They fit a mountain of stuff in. 4 bottles of wine,clothes,make up and stuff and some of my fabric and prep for #fqrlondon in one bag.....truly wow. Recommended to all. I'm not blogging while away but if you follow me on instagram there may be a picture or two. On Saturday I'm selling my scissor cases for £9.50 and frixion pens at £1.50 each so hopefully I might accumulate some spending money :)


  1. The cases look really really nice, as nice as your painted toe nails ;)

  2. The cases are wonderful. Have a great time.

  3. enjoy the time you have with so many likeminded stitchers, I am sure the scissor holders will find new homes, I would have one if I was there.


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