03 July, 2013

Fresh Sewing Day

Lily's Quilts

Yes, I know I'm a few days late but it has been hell in this household the last week or so and *hopefully* things are going to get better in the next week so that I'm calm and ready to get in the car (that's still not back from the garage) and drive over to UK.

Anyway, I hadn't realised I'd got quite as much done this month, when I look at the mosaic I can see why I've been feeling manic, although a bit upset I haven't got a quilt on the go, I keep sitting down to start one and something kicks off... with the school holidays starting on Friday, I'm going to be enjoying life and probably not doing much sewing at all until September :) think I need a break from it tbh... we'll see how long that lasts lol...
oh I have actually got 2 bags I'd like to get made....

I've made the scissor cases for my sample swop, two embroidered clocks, my sew euro bee an quilt got finished, a quick quilted lap quilt, two bee blocks, pincushion, Christmas tree for patchwork club, strip swop preparation, another aeroplane bag and a paper pieced selvedge star....

Yes alot of finishes :) it didn't feel like it but June was indeed a good month.

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  1. No wonder you've been feeling frazzled! I hope the car comes back soon (does that make it sound like it ran away?!) x

  2. have a great time in UK, relax a bit and enjoy the summer

  3. You sound as if you're (still?) panting ...
    A busy month with a lot of car STRESS too
    Good luck on everything!!
    And you know you'll ENJOY yourself at the FQR!

  4. I think something must be going against Pippa's my car has also decided to play up. in the garage and is going to cost nearly £200. oh joy. They are threatening a heat wave next week so enjoy your trip to UK

  5. Eeeek, hope the car is back now.
    What a great month.
    I can't wait to see you in ol' Blighty.


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