16 July, 2013

Fat Quarterly Retreat

Way back in ohhh October, I sat in the car waiting for my son to get back from football, anxiously thinking I wouldn't get home to buy a golden ticket.  On arrival my lovely DH had already pressed the *buy* button :)

Here we are with just 3 days to go :) and I have to say life has thrown me some really big show stopping obstacles and this week is throwing me even more but that's for another post.

I've prepared, I've packed weeks early (just as well) and today I'm sitting sewing on buttons and a siblings label.
#siblingstogether quiltI'm bringing two siblings quilts

and you will probably notice I'm hand made this year with Soda Pop and two aeroplane bags by my side

I'm @me0wp00 on twitter, @pippaspatch on IG and here's the bit I really don't like,

New hair cut enjoying summer sun with bottle of fizz

but yes, that's me and please pop by and say hello, I'm in Curved EPP, FMQ, Tabletop with trudi FMQ and then Lynne is going to try and make me cry lots with precision piecing....
I will most certainly be found propping up the bar so come and say hello...
See you soon x

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  1. I' ve heard Lynne is good at making people cry ;) See you in a few days!

  2. We'll cry in Lynnes class together!

  3. See you Friday. I am hoping Lynne won't reduce me to teasers either!

  4. *tears*, stupid auto correct!

  5. Hope everything is okay Pippa - have an amazing time this weekend!


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