27 July, 2013

Bye to Turbo and Hello Kitties....

I've been back from England since Tuesday evening but have been horrendously busy sorting, cleaning and unpacking. I'll get to my FQR post tomorrow or Monday.
It was a tough few days before Fat Quarterly Retreat. We arrived in Cardiff on Sunday afternoon and visited the Docks, where there was an international food festival,

very hot and humid, well into the 30's and then the plan was to visit family on Monday and come home Tuesday.  Sunday night the boy is sick with a tummy bug and urine infection, so quick family visit and back home on Monday.

During the Monday my old lab was very ill back home, we were waiting for phonecalls from DH with news from the vet, I left France and he was fine, suffering from the heat slightly but unfortunately after two days of blood clots in his brain, perhaps a tumour and massive epileptic fits, the vet, dh and I realised it was time to say goodbye. A real shock for all the family and probably even more so because we weren't together.
It was some small comfort that we were due to go and collect the kitten, took our minds off our loss.  We came home with two...not a cheap experience as it's 80e per adoption (per kitten) but they have been chipped and have had their jabs and to be honest I'm not hard enough to split up a brother and sister...we're looking for names at the moment they are called Arwen & Frodo but dh isn't keen on Arwen.


#toohot #quilting frame #takeover #quiltlover

As you can see, they've been with us 3 hours and already we've had quilt frame love :)

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  1. So sad about your lovely doggie :(. Hope the new kittens bring some comfort to you & your little ones x

  2. O, it's so hard to let go of an animal especially if you're not THERE, with them.
    But it's a good decision!
    And kittens really can take your mind of things: I'd love to know what they've been up to already!
    I'm glad to hear NO CAR problems!!

  3. Sad to lose an old friend. But he'll be up there safe with my old dogs and Elizabeth's dog! He's got friends.

  4. such a sad loss I do feel for you and the family. The kittens will keep you on your toes, must admit to being a cat lover but would cost a fortune to have the burglar alarm adapted if I was to have one so just enjoy my daughter`s cat Alfie.

  5. I have been watching those cute kittens on Instagram. Sorry to hear about you dog x

  6. So sorry to here about your lab they are so loveable. Kittens are very playful and into everything.


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