12 July, 2013

Been so busy

Its been a mixed week but at 6am I'm awake and ready to get off on our England/Wales and #fqr adventure. A week of end of school excitement, week of swimming,packing,hair dyeing,tears of frustration with car, its better but not perfect. A weekend of watching drag racing not participating :( and a few days of making scissor cases :) tomorrow I'm booked in at hairdresser so will do my Fatquarterly this is who I am post after. Wish me luck 11hr trip with two kids in 31c heat
...thank god the air con works in car.  See you on the other side of English channel.


  1. have a wonderful time at the retreat, presume you are dropping the children off at a relative`s whilst you are on the stitching weekend. Drive carefully and arrive safely

  2. Hope the car holds out - see you soon. I cant beleve it's nearly here!

  3. See you soon...it's hot here too!


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