29 July, 2013

FQR Recap

I'm still recovering and getting on with unpacking my sewing stuff from Fat Quarterly Retreat 2013.

I met up with Hadley on Friday morning and shared a cab to Baden Powell house. We were a bit early so I sat and helped stitch a binding on a Siblings Together quilt. Our goodie bags were fab but I was so eager to unpack it all that i've forgotten to take a photo DOH !!!
The welcome talk from John and the team started us off and then we went straight into table top EPP. I managed a few shapes but unfortunately got the only iron that was dirty and typically it was white fabric lol....

In the evening it was much too hot so we sat up on the roof terrace and chatted, It was show and tell coupled with handing over our siblings quilts, I am going to write a seperate post about this, It really touched me and I do wish the FQ team had made more of it, I truly think if the quilters had heard the whole story, how kids love the quilts, how they have been split up etc etc that every single one of us would have promised to make a quilt for next year...anyway we did have a drink or two and I got lovely pressies from my roomie Cara a fun evening then progressed to the hotel bar and we definitely had a giggle or two... I think it's one of those you had to be there moments.

Saturday was my Trudi day the poor woman had to put up with me for a 3 hours FMQ session on the machines and then a table top in the afternoon, this was fun because we doodled, chatted and learn't some new shapes.

Saturday evening was swop evening, (must take a photo of my sample swops- post to follow) and we had sample swop, fugly swop, strip swop and fat quarter swop, I came away with some beauts and the strip swop is destined to be a scrappy trip around the world.
Quiz night was fun and my team came 2nd :( then quilt market followed, after hounding poor Alex for weeks on twitter he bought some long arm polyester Aurifil with him and I was tempted to buy one of each but bought 3 lovely reels. I sold some frixion pens and scissor holders at quilt market and luckily it stopped me buying more fabric.

Sunday morning dawned and it was time for Lynne @ Lilysquilts precision piecing, I was very careful what amount of alcohol was consumed on Saturday evening as I really didn't want to cut my finger off. I made the first block and wasn't 100% happy with the joins but when I got home, unpicked it and restitched a seam and it measures a perfect 12.5". Can't say the same for the drunkards path but it looks good enough and I'll fudge the seams when it comes to stiching it into something.

A quick goodbye from John and we were all leaving for home. A fab weekend of chatting, drinking with some sewing thrown in... :)

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27 July, 2013

Bye to Turbo and Hello Kitties....

I've been back from England since Tuesday evening but have been horrendously busy sorting, cleaning and unpacking. I'll get to my FQR post tomorrow or Monday.
It was a tough few days before Fat Quarterly Retreat. We arrived in Cardiff on Sunday afternoon and visited the Docks, where there was an international food festival,

very hot and humid, well into the 30's and then the plan was to visit family on Monday and come home Tuesday.  Sunday night the boy is sick with a tummy bug and urine infection, so quick family visit and back home on Monday.

During the Monday my old lab was very ill back home, we were waiting for phonecalls from DH with news from the vet, I left France and he was fine, suffering from the heat slightly but unfortunately after two days of blood clots in his brain, perhaps a tumour and massive epileptic fits, the vet, dh and I realised it was time to say goodbye. A real shock for all the family and probably even more so because we weren't together.
It was some small comfort that we were due to go and collect the kitten, took our minds off our loss.  We came home with two...not a cheap experience as it's 80e per adoption (per kitten) but they have been chipped and have had their jabs and to be honest I'm not hard enough to split up a brother and sister...we're looking for names at the moment they are called Arwen & Frodo but dh isn't keen on Arwen.


#toohot #quilting frame #takeover #quiltlover

As you can see, they've been with us 3 hours and already we've had quilt frame love :)

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19 July, 2013

On my way

Well I will be in just a few short hours,the waiting is finally over :). Ds is back to his noisy,cheeky,not doing as he's told self so poor mum will need a holiday to recover. I'm packed, soda pop bag and two aeroplane bags. They fit a mountain of stuff in. 4 bottles of wine,clothes,make up and stuff and some of my fabric and prep for #fqrlondon in one bag.....truly wow. Recommended to all. I'm not blogging while away but if you follow me on instagram there may be a picture or two. On Saturday I'm selling my scissor cases for £9.50 and frixion pens at £1.50 each so hopefully I might accumulate some spending money :)

16 July, 2013

Fat Quarterly Retreat

Way back in ohhh October, I sat in the car waiting for my son to get back from football, anxiously thinking I wouldn't get home to buy a golden ticket.  On arrival my lovely DH had already pressed the *buy* button :)

Here we are with just 3 days to go :) and I have to say life has thrown me some really big show stopping obstacles and this week is throwing me even more but that's for another post.

I've prepared, I've packed weeks early (just as well) and today I'm sitting sewing on buttons and a siblings label.
#siblingstogether quiltI'm bringing two siblings quilts

and you will probably notice I'm hand made this year with Soda Pop and two aeroplane bags by my side

I'm @me0wp00 on twitter, @pippaspatch on IG and here's the bit I really don't like,

New hair cut enjoying summer sun with bottle of fizz

but yes, that's me and please pop by and say hello, I'm in Curved EPP, FMQ, Tabletop with trudi FMQ and then Lynne is going to try and make me cry lots with precision piecing....
I will most certainly be found propping up the bar so come and say hello...
See you soon x

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12 July, 2013

Been so busy

Its been a mixed week but at 6am I'm awake and ready to get off on our England/Wales and #fqr adventure. A week of end of school excitement, week of swimming,packing,hair dyeing,tears of frustration with car, its better but not perfect. A weekend of watching drag racing not participating :( and a few days of making scissor cases :) tomorrow I'm booked in at hairdresser so will do my Fatquarterly this is who I am post after. Wish me luck 11hr trip with two kids in 31c heat
...thank god the air con works in car.  See you on the other side of English channel.

03 July, 2013

Fresh Sewing Day

Lily's Quilts

Yes, I know I'm a few days late but it has been hell in this household the last week or so and *hopefully* things are going to get better in the next week so that I'm calm and ready to get in the car (that's still not back from the garage) and drive over to UK.

Anyway, I hadn't realised I'd got quite as much done this month, when I look at the mosaic I can see why I've been feeling manic, although a bit upset I haven't got a quilt on the go, I keep sitting down to start one and something kicks off... with the school holidays starting on Friday, I'm going to be enjoying life and probably not doing much sewing at all until September :) think I need a break from it tbh... we'll see how long that lasts lol...
oh I have actually got 2 bags I'd like to get made....

I've made the scissor cases for my sample swop, two embroidered clocks, my sew euro bee an quilt got finished, a quick quilted lap quilt, two bee blocks, pincushion, Christmas tree for patchwork club, strip swop preparation, another aeroplane bag and a paper pieced selvedge star....

Yes alot of finishes :) it didn't feel like it but June was indeed a good month.

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