10 June, 2013

You can call me Mme Presidente...

I got voted in as President of the patchwork club last Tuesday night, I had written to all the members laying out my ideas and thoughts beforehand, explaining what would be difficult for me, some project ideas and that I understood if someone else wanted to stand. Anyway, they all appreciated my letter and seem to be of the same mind as me for a lot of the stuff, (ie might as well stay at home because we don't do anything as a group)

I was however quite shocked that the expo's/shows that we do actually cost us 600E each time, the figures just do not add up, we could cancel the one in October but we'll lose our deposits and it will probably cost more than the 600e.... so I'm very annoyed tbh. The club that had about 3000E in the bank 3 or 4 years ago now has 1200e :( not much at all, we're only a club of about 20 and did so well to accrue a good sum and it's been reduced by shows that ok, enable people to meet different forms of crafty people but do not bring new members in or actually make the club money... Am I the only one that thinks that's damn right mad ????

I was thrilled that one of the ladies brought a new member to the meeting, she'd told her there was going to be a new president and did she want to join :)

Anyway, I'm determined to try and get the coffers up and the next opportunity is the Christmas market, so I need as many ideas for quick and easy makes that will sell well :) Help Help Help

@archiewonderdog Suffolk puff Xmas tree what do u reckon ???

Archie The Wonderdog has a fab tutorial for Suffolk Puff Xmas trees, so I decided to make a trial version. I think these will sell really well, I've ordered some terracotta pots and have some Christmassy fabrics to get the women started on Wednesday.

I also need to get some projects together for them to make during our afternoons. This Wednesday we're making the strawberry pincushions and I'm showing them various name tags, a secret swop is going to take place at some point during the summer.

Onto some happy news, it's been 3 weeks since Sizzle was incarcerated in the rabbit cage, he's been incredibly well behaved considering, he's put weight on and is walking with a slight limp but seems mostly repaired lol... we're letting him out for an hour at a time to build himself up, he gets really tired and lies around lots still but he's purring and meowing loads.... He'd be out the front door if we let him which is worrying, easy does it I think
I'm allowed out after 3 weeks,I'm fatter I'm tired,still sore but purring....this floor is nice

And finally, fingers crossed for tomorrow, I'm going for a scan on my back to see if there's anything else happening or nerves pinching, the doc is currently recommending traction which I refused to contemplate without a scan and specialist appointment, think of me, I hate those things.

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  1. oooh congratulations on winning the election! :) Have you looked at the Christmas ornaments (and yes there is one of mine) in the Pretty Patchwork Holidays book? Those could work, small things but cute! Glad your cat is back on it's feet again and good luck with your scan.

  2. Check out Jeni @ In Color Order, she has a lined drawstring bag that is super easy but makes a GREAT bag and would be a great thing to slide a Christmas Gift down in.

  3. Also and quilt block (6" or 8") made into a pot holder? Disk towels with fabric and a button so it could hang over the oven door?

  4. I love the puffy tree, I made one years ago and with a hand fired terracotta pot it looked (and still does) stunning.
    I've made a bag that you created, but instead of using just plain fabric... I chose to use some gorgeous French fabric and used iron on Vinyl to 'toughen' up the bag and create a 'weather' proofing.
    Jane x

  5. Well done on being elected - I think you're going to be a very welcome breath of fresh air. the tree looks brilliant. I can't think of anything particularly off hand at the moment, but if I do I will let you know!

  6. Congrats on being elected!!!! I think you will be wonderful at the job and will bring fresh and exciting ideas...coasters and mug rugs sell well here...and are quick and easy to make...especially the mug rugs made for leaving Santa his treats on...

  7. Wow, such a lot happening. Congrats on being voted mme president. Not bad for a foreigner! I'll keep my eyes open for Christmas makes.

  8. congrats from me too, does sound a lot of money having the shows if it does not make anything, maybe another venue like a Church hall could be tracked down and an entry fee charged to cover the hire of the hall. Love the Christmas tree, I am sure they will sell well. I have made some Xmas pods that go on a tree but unfortunately have no links for them, will watch your blog for future ideas and try some myself.
    Good to see Sizzie is progressing well and still not trying to do too much.
    Best of luck with your scan, can see traction is not appealing, flat on your back unable even to stitch but if it helps it might be worth considering.

  9. Best of luck with your new duties and more so with your scan tomorrow.

  10. Congratulations on being elected! The little tree looks great - thanks for including a link to the pattern! Hope the scan goes well xx

    P.S. How about little fabric 'sacks' (can't think of a better word at the moment!) filled with some sweets/chocolates? Embroidered/appliqu├ęd Christmas cards? Christmas bunting/tree ornaments/fabric wreaths? Christmas decoration kits - some pre-cut felt shapes (birds, etc.), a needle, stuffing, etc. to give to a child/adult as a stocking filler? If there are going to be children attending then decorated pencils are popular - use some of that thin craft foam stuff to cut out shapes and then use a glue gun to attach them to the top of a pencil. I'll stop now ;o)

  11. Well done on your election - you can turn it around :-)

  12. Well Mme Presidente What a lot you have been up to. Neat tree. Small Christmas stockings for the tree always sell well and if you flip and stitch it uses up all of the little scraps. Cats have a very strong constitution something to do with their nine lives I think. Fingers crossed for the scan tomorrow.

  13. well done x seems you are off to a good start already xx


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