13 June, 2013

Tired Thursday

Ohhh I'm tired tonight,not sure why, just been a busy few days here, scan's, doc visits and patchwork club, French lessons, shopping ohh and I touched up the lounge paint on Monday...perhaps that's why hehe seems a bit when I think about it.

Anyway,thanks for all your best wishes re my back, it's bad but not bad enough for surgery but I need to lose 20-40 kilos hmmm I knew that and new pills and when it goes properly next time it's off to hospital for a cortisone injection right into the disk (or is it disc??) space. Traction after that if they don't work...ho hum so onto nicer things :)

Not where she should be...thought it was quiet

I caught Bonnie being naughty, she'd jumped up on the table and was just lying there, didn't even get down when we caught her, I think she followed the cat up and well, decided she liked it up there.

Patchwork club went well and we made a tin of strawberries, apparently there isn't a collective name for strawberries, how bad is that. We've decided we're going to make more and sell them as pin cushions or hanging ornaments

Last night, I got busy cutting and sewing and made the first block for the Europeans Siblings Together bee, we're making a block a month from scraps and sending them to our queen bee, then by July next year we *should* have 12 finished quilts. I really like how this quilt is going to develop, great colours and fabrics
siblings euro block 1

I'm trying to finish off another thing I started on Sunday for another patchwork club idea and the hubby and cat seemed to have other ideas...

I will be naughty and stop you sewing...the cat wants to as well

So I'm going to chuck them both out of the lounge and get busy hand sewing to have a finish for TGIFF tomorrow :)

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  1. That poorly pussycat is looking so much better.Those strawberries look fab and fingers crossed that your back doesn't get any worse.I need to lose about 25kilos. :-( not easy is it? Sending positive slimming thoughts your way.

  2. best of luck with losing weight, why is it so easy to put on but nearly impossible to get rid off! As usual you have been busy with your creativity.

  3. mm sounds as if you have good reason to feel tired x had to laugh at the picture of Bonny xx

  4. losing weight is a nightmare still if the summer ever get going then salads are great. Bonny can just keep her eyes on a lot more from up there.

  5. I know if I go over a certain weight then my back and sciatica gets so much worse. Hope you start feeling better


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