07 June, 2013

TGIFF Sew Euro Bee An

After Fat Quarterly retreat I was approached to see if I'd join an European quilting bee, I ummed and ahhed because I am not that precise with sewing/squaring and struggle sometimes to get blocks quite right but saw it as a challenge and I'd met most of the girls involved and knew they wouldn't hit me with the naughty girl ruler if I mucked up :O)
And Sew-Euro-Bee-An was formed 

For my month I chose the big kiss block Here just like for the siblings quilt, I asked for brights but any colour, type as this is going to be a me quilt :O)

The blocks came in and after making a few more I had a 25 block quilt, it finishes at 60" square so a perfect size for a spring evening reading in the garden or to snuggle while reading a quilting magazine in the autumn. I love the colours so much, they are so varied but all pull together.
Last week I think it was, I loaded up the frame and got busy
Sew euro bee an quilted :) now to go choose some binding

UntitledI used my last bit of aurifil white (there's more in the post) for the top and superior threads for the bottom and practiced with lots of swirls, I'm definitely getting there and had alot less breaks and swearing than usual. I almost love the back as much as the front it's a cotton sheet from la redoute, I love these sheets, they work out about 10e for a back and left over there's usually enough for a small wallhanging and I don't have to have joins :)
Quick enough for u @trudi_wood lol...my dh buys good pressies
quick binding with some zig zag chevrons


So thank you so much girls for asking me to be in the bee, for encouraging me to try new things and for helping make this wonderful quilt :)
I'm linking up with TGIFF and Can I get a whoop whoop

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  1. What a nice quilt! I love all those colors together.

  2. Very nice, you did a great job and I love the quilting .

  3. Good job! You joined the bee and your quilt shines!!

  4. It's a wonderful quilt, and I like your quilting on it!

  5. Whoever made blocks for that quilt must be super talented ;) I have to say your block was the easiest and quickest block I have ever made and you have made them in to a beautiful quilt. Well done you!

  6. Oh, Pippa, that's beautiful!! I love the colors and your quilting is just the icing on the cake!

  7. I will admit I had my doubts about this block, but it makes a wonderful quilt - bright bold and cheerful. I'm with annabella on the talented contributors!!

  8. certainly sending you a whoop whoop from me Pippa, a great quilt and like you say the back is pretty amazing too with those threads showing off your quilting beautifully

  9. It is a real beauty!
    Congratulations on this finish!
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo com

  10. Really nice. Congrats for stretching yourself and accomplishing it.

  11. I love your quilt, Pippa! It's funny how well the colours go together. I'm so grateful for being part of this bee and I've really enjoyed making this block.

  12. Whoop Whoop its fabulous sometimes the more colours you have it works better well done you.


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