28 June, 2013


Yes indeed, thank god it's Friday....what a week, lots of running around buying car parts, picking up car and delivering it to other garage, taking bits back and garage is booked up so he won't get to it until next week ARGHHHH fingers crossed it's early part and not nearer Friday.
I ended up at the docs with most awful sore throat and it's laryngitis so tablets although have to say it's gone now and just a sniffling cold/hayfever.
Oh I blew up the tractor, well the belt came off and smoke came out the tractor, went to buy a new one, oh yeah the spare one we use for sizing was in the broken car....cue trip to garage to get belt out boot and take it to tractor spare shop...la la la you can see how my week has been.

Not huge amount of sewing time but have managed to cut up my squares for the scrap vomit swop and they'll be in the post on Monday. Cut and bagged 10 bags of strips for FQR strip swop
10 bags for strip swap @fatquarterly

made cakes for the school fete tomorrow, advised MissA on her outfit OMG how can a 5 year old be so fussy about matching cardi, shoes, dress ARGHHHHH she's a fashion diva already.

And I've made a bee block, the queen bee sent us some solids in blues/aqua/teals and said to make whatever block we want, whatever size but it sorta had to be *us* well on contemplation, I made a strip block, cut with the sizzix in 1.5 and 2.5" strips (so definitely me and easy cutting) and then decided it was too boring so I just cut it into triangles and then started to panic lol...you know me and improvisation don't go... Out came the sketch and I made them into HST's and sewed them back up. Two 10.5" blocks ready to take with me to London. Hope she likes them :)
Beeblock #impro @lemonshark is this OK ???
The piccie is rubbish they are definitely blues/teals/creams

Have a good weekend, I'm off to have a large drink :)

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  1. You deserve more than one large drink after the week you have had.

    Love your blocks.

  2. you certainly have been dashing here and there this week, Block looks great, enjoy your visit to London.

  3. Good grief, what a week! I was cutting up more strips last night for the swap too

  4. Ok a quite week then!!!!! Love your squares. very effective. My granddaughter Molly 4 going on 14 is so sure of what it is she will wear and not wear. Hope you enjoyed your tipple.
    Our group have a quilt show in Faversham on Thursday and Friday, at the community centre, so will be very busy with that I am making meringues yum Eldest son says he is defiantly coming.
    Hope you get the car back soon. Try not to take the tractor to the shop to many times.....

  5. goodness! BREATH and rest will help with the sore throat... have a good weekend xx

  6. Thank you so much for those fab bee blocks. I absolutely love them, The fabrics you used are so nice.
    Hope next week is less event-full for you.
    I finished getting all the supplies ready for my FQR classes. Getting really excited about it now although I still have to finish my swap items. Leaving it last minute as always...


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