16 June, 2013

Sunday summing up

I posted my blog article Thursday evening and then bam, the internet went down, we were without proper internet for just under 36 hours. (Thieves had stolen 1400m of copper cable and it took with it 2700 families phone/internet....need I say there was lots of swear words uttered in this house, I *think* the paper said first time in France...there's alot of brits here atm)  Thank god for 3g phones because I was having serious internet withdrawals although I did get more done. Note to self not to waste hours playing Family Farm on facebook.
I stitched up my May's Spring sampler and there is an awful lot of stitching for June, so I'm going to go grab my frixion pen and get busy tracing it all out tonight or tomorrow. I've decided I'm going to start the patchwork elements once the kids go back school after the summer hols.
I finished off my sizzix leaves and will try get a decent picture tomorrow.
Ohhh I had happy mail in the form of my rainbow squares from #happy mail thanks @fluffysheepquilting xx
the rainbow swop organised by Cindy @fluffysheepquilting within seconds Amelia was sorting them out into a me and a her pile.... GET OFF my fabric, as you can tell some Aurifil also fell into the bag x
I'm waiting for some texty charms from a text charm swop and contemplating just sewing them all up, perhaps some HST's??? any ideas or great charm square patterns.

And then I got busy with the Janome and produced these two clocks,
Am so excited....sewing room clock anyone ??? @fatquarterly quilt market if I get time

Clock no 2 finished,going to see if my aunt would like it for her new kitchen
One for my mum and the cherries one for my Aunt's new red and white kitchen. I'm thinking about selling them, I've got enough to make 4 for retreat,I'm going to try just a thread one next, perhaps it would suit a sewist or a quilter.

This week is going to be pretty busy with paperwork, not sure how much sewing will get done, plus it's actually a bit too hot to bother 29C today :)

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  1. it takes some time without the internet to make us realise just how much a part of our lives it has become... even worse when it is due to stupidity!! I like the clocks xx I got my charm swaps too.. I have not opened the ribbbon yet.. just keep going through them and trying to decide what I am going to do with them xx

  2. The charms are gorgeous aren't they. Luckily no-one else in my house is even remotely interested!

  3. I sometimes wonder how we managed without the internet! we are so dependant on it now and like you when my modem broke and I was without for a few days I felt lost! and of course catching up on blogs takes so much time.
    Clocks have worked well, felt I could pick and eat one of the cherries, so realistic. Charm pack looks interesting I am sure you will be sharing something amazing with us soon.

  4. I spend far to much time on the internet have decided to turn on for just half hour in the morning and one hour at night. Not working so far have been on for one hour this morning.
    Love the clocks I have been working on my own design for clocks hope to have one finished soon.


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