22 June, 2013

Simple cushion to ?????

Well, lots of grief overnight, went to pick my car up from the garage, ohhh it's all fixed, I drove it out and thought nope it's not fixed, took it back, DH test drove it, we saw fluid on the floor, staight back to the garage and it's blown a steering rack and power steering pump. Unfortunately we *think* it may have been leaking before I took it in and the garage actually missed that the vibration problem was this and not the bearing that they offered up to being the problem.
Lots of screaming, sobbing and stress in the garage and they offered us a lovely quote of 2000E/2630$/£1700 to fix it... yup big gulps and I was in too much of a state to drive home.
Anyway, an evening on the french motorfactor site, talking to people this morning and buying parts and we *should* have it fixed for nearer 800E and fingers crossed by next weekend or Tuesday after. So all ok for picking up kitten and going to UK...

So after wallowing and having a massive stress headache, decided to sneak off to the sewing machine this afternoon and tonight I have a picking out papers task while watching the TV and partaking in a small amount of alcohol and perhaps teeny amount of chocolate.
Now to pick out papers @fatquarterly @lilysquilts

and from the front now it's got it's edges on
Finished now papers out tonight @fatquarterly @lilysquilts medallion centre perhaps

It's not perfect, the points don't all match but it's sorta good enough for me, I'm certainly not unpicking but with paper piecing I think one tiny needleworth left or right mucks up the points... then inspiration's hit me and I'm thinking I actually love it enough now and I'm going to turn it into a very scrappy medallion quilt.
What do you all think ???? next border perhaps some of my rainbow/text charms in hst's or pinwheels ???

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  1. I love the idea of a pinwheel border! Glad you can get the car fixed for less - phew!

  2. Love it. Aren't cars the most expensive things ever!!

  3. Cars...headaches!! But can't do without them!! Good luck with it. i love the block so far and your idea for a quilt is fantastic...can't wait to see it

  4. I love it! This pattern is great!!!

  5. so you have learnt to love your selvages after all!! has worked well. bad news about the car, hope it is soon repaired and running well again.

  6. Love this star and making it into a medallion is a great idea.

  7. Oops, forgot to commiserate on the car costs. Can't live with em, can't live without em!


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