20 June, 2013


Another few days have passed since I last blogged, it seems like i've been running around in a tizzwozz all week, I am so pleased I've got all my FQR stuff together (well apart from I need to iron some solid and pin it ewwww for trudi's class) because I'd be panicking about getting stuff done. The last few weeks of school are always hectic and a year end accounts, 3 vat returns and other mountains of paperwork is enough to send anyone running to the hills.

I managed to get this popped in the post
@fatquarterly name tag ready to post
the clue is it indeed going to the UK so sorry Europe peeps it's not yours

The new improved Christmas trees with the cute pots and wire
There isn't that better

oh and you know how dh never says no to me, it's usually me that talks me out of things....well I said yes, and this little bundle of fluff will be coming home at the beginning of July, she's a farm cat and was going to be drowned, someone kindly took her and her brothers in and we're going to adopt her. Doesn't she just look like my old black cat :(

Dh want's to call her Maisy, DD likes Lucie and DS thinks Hello Kitty would be a laugh, she's currently called Arwen which I like but I'm thinking Moda,jokingly suggested Aurifil and DH went off in a huff....hehe he's worried about Alex being at FQR, god knows why.

And lastly, the reason for my poorly back and my off the radar for 2 days, I so wish I was heading off on a jetplane, I'd be singing away with my bags in my arms...
Here's my 2nd and probably not my last (thinking the small one would be cute perhaps for a overnight bag) aeroplane bag

This #aeroplane bag isn't quite as stiff as last one but cute all same @sewsweetness
This one isn't as stiff as the last one so it doesn't sit still as much, but I've got a front magnetic closed pocket rather than inside ones, I've put bag feet on it (must undo the lining of my other one, they will definitely help the bases) and I covered webbing with fabric for the handles.

Baggy lining, my interfacing was rubbish but still

And the lining, its baggy yes, I cut loads off too why do I always have baggy linings ??? and the interfacing was too thin but it works fine as a bag as long as it's not inspected too closely by proper bag makers...

Stuffed with two siblings quilts ready for #fqr13

Stuffed with 2 siblings together quilts,there is still room, it will easily fit 3 quilts...

Tonight i'm planning a large glass of mummy juice and a flick through some magazines, am contemplating trying a cathedral window....

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  1. Well you are the most organised person I know! I think I will take your lead and gather the bits I need for my classes.... right after I take a wee nap....

  2. Wow, you're so organised! I love the tree!

  3. what a lot you have done. Tree is looking great. bag fabric you could look at when on the tube.

  4. I have to laugh at the cat names...espcailly the husbands reespons to Auriful...That is so funny.

  5. Well, you are a lot more organised than me! What a cute cat

  6. Love the bags: well done!

  7. the bags are lovely, you must watch the little kitty does not climb in when she moves in with you, cats seem to like getting into things they should not!What a cute christmas tree any chance of the instructions please or are they already on your blog somewhere?

  8. Blimey you have been busy and how I am giggling to myself after the postie just delivered an envelope with a little clue on it and how I laughed when I opened it to see my gorgeous name tag (and lovely extras!) was from you! How funny is that!!
    Thanks roomie :))

  9. Love your Aeroplane bag. And I can't believe how organised your are for classes already - I'm still thinking about getting organised - I'll be the one rushing about at the last minute!!!


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