04 June, 2013

It's a leaf day

we've fixed my sewing machine !!!! YAY....

Dh and I have spent lots of time, effort, research time and to be honest a fairly small amount of money fixing the quilting frame and machine.
Someone else said their poles flex on the frame so DH got out his new professional welder and we decided, sod it, the frame will always be queen size so we'll just (read...he'll just) weld the poles together to stop them sagging in the middle.... DONE

I bought new cloth leaders and they are so much better, I bought the start rite ones that are for the frame, nice markings on them, all straight and thick...excellent can highly recommend and the ebay seller sold me the bungee clips too, these are different to the ones dh gave me and although not hugely better than the old ones are indeed better.

We also bought the speed control (off ebay) and dh did make me one but forgot the on/off button and this one has a pulse control.
The hole in the back of the casing is stopping the machine overheating and our local sewing shop had stretch needles which lots of pq1500s owners swear by.

Encouraged by a successful day's quilting last week with the bee quilt (to be revealed on Friday) I decided the next thing I'd practice would be pantographs.
Went to mum's and she said she needed a very small quilt just to go over her knees, she didn't want a full blown one, just something to take the chill off in the spring evenings. I knew I had just the fabric that'd match some of her woodland pictures in her sitting room and rushed home, loaded up the fabric on the frame, used some oakshott for backing and set to the next morning.

I really got into the groove, I used a 60wt bobbin thread in gold and YLI variegated cotton in green for the top and it came together really easily, no thread breakage, no huge problems, perhaps not the most even of stitch sizes
#pantofraph fun,first proper go with everything set up,need more so much fun
but at the moment that's not a major issue.
Ran outside to take photos on Sunday afternoon

Tiny lap quilt for parents, just quilted the fabric and will bind,love results

This is the backing

Then I made some binding with autumn leaves, nuts and berries and finished stitching it last night.

There are quite a few little tucks in the binding/front of quilt, I think the oakshott made it more slippery and the Bernina walking foot isn't a dual feed one, so will use the Janome next time I think. Anyway, it's finished and about to be delivered, love the quilting and it'll stop mum having chilly legs :)

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  1. Loving the leaves!! You're churning out the quilts at the moment! :)

  2. so glad you are back on track xx

  3. Love the leaf pattern, bet your mum is thrilled

  4. So glad you've got it fixed - the leaves look great!
    P.S. What is a speed control and what's 'pulse control'? *clueless*

  5. Wow, those leaves are so clever! And I like the new look of the blog!

  6. what a lovely lap quilt, that will keep Mum warm and cosy in the evenings and knowing it was made with love will make her happy

  7. Having a machine that works the way you want and need it too is so worth it.


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