22 June, 2013

Follow with Feedly

Feedly have listened to us feedly followers and designed a follow with feedly button for those that want it, it's slightly complicated on their blog so I'm hoping this might make it easier for you

go to layout, add a html gadget and copy this in, where it says PUTYOURBLOGNAMEHERE type i.e pippaspatch

should work fine then

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  1. Cars are sooooooooooo expensive. I am getting in a real muddle with this following So should we just go for freedly, bloglovin or are their more.

  2. Thanks for that. Now have a feedly button on my blog. Am using Bloglovin mainly myself but have just noticed that feedly updates just a tad faster.

  3. I've just switched to feedly-its great, so thanks for this

  4. Thanks for the code Pippa!

  5. Thanks Pippa. I've dne it but would you do me a favour and see if you think it works OK. Ta!


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