20 June, 2013

Cinnamon Rolls recipe

A few people want the recipe I use for my cinnamon rolls....

I follow this recipe here and shove mine in the bread machine, in uk equivalents its

240mls milk
60 mls water
100g butter
100g sugar
640g flour (I use normal plain flour)
Active yeast, one whole packet not sure it needs 3 teaspoons which would be 3 packets....a hell of a lot

Cinnamon filling
100g butter
200g brown sugar or half and half
4 tbsps of cinnamon is much too much, I use about 2 maximum

and I don't make the butter icing, I just make normal royal icing with some vanilla essence and dribble them on the top.

I cook them on 180C/350F

You can freeze them uncooked and I have but tbh we love them so much I make and we eat :) 

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  1. Thanks Pippa for sharing.. LOVE new recipes. :D

  2. Made these tonight and we ate them all fresh from the oven before they cooled enough to be iced! Yum yum!
    Only change I made was to sprinkle some sultanas before I rolled them up.

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