22 May, 2013

What a week Wednesday

Yup, it's one of those weeks, Saturday we had to go and pick up a delivery for DH as the courrier failed to deliver in on Friday, bought a new car radio and the wires are wrong so we're waiting for an adaptor, aircon on the car needed refilling and it's since peed down with rain constantly, so much we're flooding....

Our cat's been missing for 8 days too, we've called, we've hunted, walked the neighbourhood, told neighbours etc etc, I thought I saw him yesterday but this cat had only half a tail and he didn't meow when I called him, 4 hours later DH and I heard a pitiful cry. I was scared to open the door, but in Sizzle walked, he has lost over a kilo in weight, he was walking with a funny gait and his tail was hanging straight down. We fed him, watered him and gave him painkillers, he slept, he purred and was generally lying around and resting.
Anyway, today DH insisted we take him to the vets, he thought he'd dislocated his hip.... it turns out :-
Broken tailbone, broken back at base of hips 3 weeks rest and painkillers,not allowed out of rabbit cage
He's broken his tailbone fairly near the top and he's broken his back at the bottom of his spine near his hip. The vet's surprised he managed to walk home, She said he's been hit by a car :( rested up a few days and then struggled home. But they are apparently fairly resilient, he's got 3 weeks of rest and anti inflammatory syrup, he's not allowed out of this rabbit cage for 3 whole weeks..... it's ok now because he's resting and not feeling well but god help us when he's feeling more normal, he sings and sings all day/night long usually

Child writing block labelsWhile we were waiting for the vets appointment, I got busy with my Sew Euro Bee An quilt, I made 2 more blocks and yesterday evening the kids got busy pinning labels and arranging the quilt,

It's nice having child slaves and then today I got busy and look what I've got
the sun shone enough for me to grab a flimsy photo

sew euro bee an bee quilt flimsy

Now to chase up the siggy blocks and get busy quilting :) perhaps not a finish for May as I'm waiting on 2 rolls of batting and some new frame leaders :O)

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  1. Oh your poor kitty! Hope he gets better soon. On a happier note, your EuroBeeAn quilt is beautiful!

  2. That happened to our old cat and he had to have his tail amputated. He was a white cat with a black tail, and forever after looked like he'd got a bulls eye in his ass!

  3. how wonderful that she found her way home and is now getting lots of love whilst in her mini prison.
    Quilt looking great

  4. So please sizzle turned up now a bit of r&r and all will be well. Flimsy looks great.

  5. Oh poor boy. How is he now?


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