14 May, 2013

Tuesday Twitters

Just a quickie,it's not been a fab week to be honest, my parents have had to have their 11 year old dog put to sleep, he's been one of the family, he's had his problems in the last few months and today jumped off a low chair and cracked a bone in his shoulder/leg, along with his heart murmur, sight loss in one eye and mostly blind in the other, alzheimers and general weirdness, the vet thinks he might have had a brain tumour, a hard decision but one that's the best for everyone :( it's so tough losing a close pet.

And my machine woes continue yesterday my Brother machine didn't want to play nicely again...DH and I deduced it's overheating somehow, he punched a hole in the casing and *touch wood* it seems to be playing nicer.  I managed to get a speed control from Ebay, some new bungees and leaders, oh and a fab walking foot for the Bernina :)
I'll soon have absolutely no excuse not to get my frame quilting upto scratch.

#siblingstogether dds decided on layout,now to stick row labels and sew together will be 48x60 to fit backing :) Anyway, I *knew* I had to get the siblings together quilt sewn together at least, Betty had made me 10 blocks and I finished off the other blocks I needed on the weekend, so with 20 blocks DD decided where they were going and by Sunday evening, I had a flimsy top :)

#siblingstogether front,now what binding ?

The front of the quilt, fresh off the frame, its a very large meander in a rainbow variegated superior thread, I wanted it to be cuddly and not overquilted.

Fresh off frame #siblingstogether back
The backing is a cute slightly heavier cotton fabric and it says its from the Netherlands on the selvedge

I've cut the binding, once again with the sizzix and am hoping to sew it down tomorrow at patchwork club. As it's my birthday week, I have to provide cake, cider, fizzy wine and juice tomorrow. Cinnamon rolls to the rescue :)
320" binding in one swoop with @sizzix_UK

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  1. It is very hard losing a dog they are part of the family.
    Cinnamon rolls again some people have all the luck, have a great birthday.

  2. sad to read about the poor dog but he sounds as though he had a happy and loved life.
    Quilt looks great, have a happy birthday, another taurean like me, I had my 66th last Sunday

  3. So sorry about your parent's dog. Even knowing it is for the best doesn't make it any easier. :-(
    Sounds like a great evening to be had at patchwork club, cinnamon rolls, fizz and sewing on binding on a lovely quilt. Have fun. :-)

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about the dog - how are you all holding up?

    P.S. Gorgeous quilt!

  5. So sad about your parent's doggy and it is always really sad when that decision has to be made :( I love the quilt and it will be perfect for ST.

  6. Yes, a hard decision, but necessaryto be taken.
    Our (boxer) dog had a fast growing tumor and he was in pain. I asked the vet to our house and the dog greeted him in his usual enthusiastic manner (the vet was carrying the syringe in his hand). My husband and the vet didn't cry, the other 5 did.
    On a happy note: your half Dutch quilt looks great!
    Such a simple block that comes together so quickly and has such a great effect in a herd/gaggle/flock/bunchany-other-suggestion?)

  7. Oh hon, I'm so sorry to hear about your parent's dog. Sending lots of love and hugs.
    quilt is gorgeous


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