31 May, 2013

Sample swop goodies

It's been a busy week here, rainy, wet and miserable but busy all the same.
I've got a quilt finish to show you if the sun ever shines and I get time tonight to sew on the binding.
I pulled my back again yesterday so have had to take it easy which means no sewing :( but I did get the other machine out and spent the afternoon swopping threads, cutting threads, swopping threads and now I've finished my sample swop items for retreat.

@fatquarterly sample swops done :) would anyone want to buy any at market? How do u price things? #sodifficult

I'm contemplating making more as there's a quilt market on Saturday night where you can sell bits and pieces, my major problem is I don't know how much to sell things for :(
I've also got something else up my sleeve and I need to find time to get it stitched out.

Least now, my name tag is finished, my sample swops are finished, I've got my class materials together...corrr I'm organised :)
Have a fab Saturday

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  1. These looks fabulous....and completed already, you're so organised.

  2. yes Pippa I have seen your rain, interfering with the tennis! Great swop items, I am sure you would be able to sell them but do not know what you should ask for them.Trust back is better now

  3. Gosh you are organised. I really like the little cases. I'm sure they'd sell, but I have no idea on prices either, sorry!

  4. You are organised! I haven't started yet but luckily it's back to school on Monday which gives me a bit of sewing time.
    Hope your back is better soon.

  5. Those are really cute. Hope the back is better soon.

  6. ooh! I like the look of them xx

  7. Hope your back is better soon. It is a double whammy - pain and not getting the pleasure of doing what you want to do.

  8. Wow you are organised!! Ahead f teh game that's for sure! Those look so sweet - well done you!!!


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