16 May, 2013

Possible Changes afoot

A complete surprise to me yesterday at patchwork club, the president that started us all off and likes to get lots of the press attention, big wigs like the maire (mayor) congratulating her, etc etc is stepping down and they asked ME !!!! if I want to take over the presidency.

I told them I need to think about it and I'd like some opinions,

1, I'm not really into the hierarchy of associations, I don't like bowing and scraping to people, I don't like the MMe President label and heads of associations here, even head of little ones are quite prestigious. I'm honoured to have been asked, especially as I'm English and we're mostly a French bunch.

2, I'm really going to struggle with the language, I could sort of cope in English, having to stand up and talk once in a while but in French EEEKK. The girls themselves are fine, they help me and correct my french and I could struggle through but if I have to talk infront of other people as the president I'd panic and probably muck up.

3, They are mainly hand quilters/patchworkers which isn't necessarily a problem it just means I'd have to look at more handy projects.

Now, I have had ideas for the club in the past and they've been well received but the president never really wanted to spend money, we've had quilt shows, christmas sales etc etc and accrued quite a decent some of money in the bank, we all pay our yearly subs and get absolutely NOTHING out of it. The hall where we meet I *think* is given to us free from the town but we have to pay insurance/heating/electric.
I suggested we buy a Sizzix *shock horror* when I took it the ladies all were really impressed with the hexagons and how quickly I could cut them, but whether they'd use it to it's full advantage I don't know.

Fabric here is horrendous price for pretty yucky stuff, but they are older and like the browns/tans/creams/reds but the shops here (those that can actually get to the main town 50kms away) aren't that great, I have again suggested ordering from the US and I'd sort it, the ladies all were really interested and then it never happened. Do you think it's really bad of me to want to suggest we get say £25/30E worth of fabric each out of the club money and I'll order it from UK or US for our own stashes.

I've asked I don't know how many times could we make a charity quilt together....all poo poohed and *no money for fabric* ...

Would a magazine sub for the club be out of the question ??? alot of the older people can't get online to sort out one,

We used to do BOM's or mystery quilts, sometimes a *task* over the summer, for a few years now it's more of a bring your own stuff and sew.

I'd like to buy wadding, thread, some perle thread, fabric etc for us all to use on a club project and if people want extra, I can order it,
Most of them would love to learn celtic work but they haven't ever had the bias binding machine or find it difficult to source the adhesive etc, I'm sure I can help with little projects or ideas.

Do you think it's a bit pushy, I'm all up in the air, I'm hoping my ideas could work, I'd like to get more English and French members because otherwise we're gonna shrivel up and die, but I'm really not sure I've got the ability or the language skills....

So anyway, please if you go to a quilt club/guild can you give me some idea of what you do, do u have to wear name tags (I still don't know all the names of the 20 odd members, how bad is that) do you do group projects, charity, what goes down well, any group purchases, etc etc or if you don't go to a club, what would you like to see in one :)

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  1. I expect they have asked you especially because you might shake it up a bit! I'm sure people would be happy to put into a kitty to get some exciting fabric back out. They are probably just waiting for someone to do it. I would ask members for their feedback on colour / design preferences so that you can get a bit of everything. Then you could chop up some cuts so everyone gets a nice bundle of Fat 8ths and some charms, say.

    Could you elect someone as your 'wing commander' to help you with the language? It seems that you are more than able in creative skills so you just need an interpreter!

    Also I think charity quilts are a great way of bringing people together. Go for it!!!

    1. Pippa doesn't need an interpreter, her language skills are great and the ladies all understand her, she just needs her confidence with the language built up, and they said they would help her with it, this is just what she needs. xx (Mum)

  2. I'm thinking what Gertie said! We have a very small group (down to 3pp now) that quilt weekly together. When we had a full bunch, which was 13, I also suggested many ideas such as yours and they were poo-poo'd. I think the main reason is because they want to do it but they want someone else to organise it! However, when I do the organising for a retreat weekend, group project or group order, they're clamouring right up to get involved. It's also a great idea to get a "wing commander" to help with the language. You'll be surprised how quickly you improve on your own, talking about something you love. :-) You GO Girl!

  3. they seemed very keen when I was there yesterday and they did say they would help with the language, but your language is getting better all the time and they understand everything you say. It would be great to keep "young blood and young ideas" there, but I am biased of course, cos I am your Mum xx You will do it well, but if you are too busy, anxious or anything, then they will understand if you say no this time. I personally think it will be very good for you and the "club".

  4. They must think ou are up to the job, language and all, or they wouldn't have asked you!! I'd give it a go, in the cause of integration and all that!
    Best of luck
    Ps did ou get a mail from me yesterday re the siblings together euro bee? I think I may be having email problems.

  5. I belong to a small group and it is great fun we have name tags which are a great help. We have just made a group quilt for charity and it has been so lovely to see how everyones block came out.
    Ask your self whether it is what you want to do and would you enjoy it.

  6. We wear name tags, and pay a small fine if we forget.
    The money goes to the library fund.
    If you have a good helpful executive go for it. It sounds to me that change or modern ideas may not be in the vocabulary of some of the members.
    You will be the breath of fresh air!
    Good Luck!

  7. I am sure you would make an excellent job of this position and you have some lovely ideas, wish I lived around the corner I would love to join in.


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