26 May, 2013

Not so straight clasp purse

I spent some of yesterday evening making my first ever clasp purse,I ordered sew in ones from etsy because me and glue do not get on. It looked straight until I sewed the frame on...now I'm not sure if I can leave it being lopsided or will have to start again :(
Its Mothers Day here in France,I got woken up way too early to be presented with gifts....and the sun is shining,its gonna be a good day


  1. what a shame you did not get it central, I think it will annoy you if you leave it as your work is always so perfect, once I spot a mistake on something I have done (and there are many of those) they tend to stick out like a sore thumb once I have noticed them. Lovely purse all thre same.

  2. Happy Mothers Day Pippa.
    I love the fabric and I think sewing in frames are nicer than stick ins. Can you not tweek one side a little, rather than unpick the whole thing? the skiver in me would try that first ;0)


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