27 May, 2013

Me Me Me Monday

I saw a fab idea from moira@kettleboiler and she's doing a ME ME Me link up, if you do any sewing/quilting that is specifically for you then you can link up.

There's even a Flickr Group all set up and ready to go.

Today, I'm cream crackered, DH and I had to go to a specialist about a hernia he has in his stomach, after 6 years of waiting we've finally decided it needs to be operated on, so the specialist said, yup it needs to be patched with a big piece of webbing, so do you want to come in next week ??? errr no, DH has a big dragster bike season and it finishes on September 22nd, so he's now booked in with a private room + wifi (lol) for 29th September (I do love the french health system) and he (and it won't do me any harm at all) has to try and lose 20 kilos by then, It's 18 weeks so quite difficult but we can try our best.  So starting tomorrow, no more cake pictures, no more cinnamon roll pictures.... :( salad, rabbit food ewwww...

Anyway, last night after ripping the frame purse to bits and putting it in the bin in annoyance, I decided to make a pin cushion.  I know this is supposed to be a me me me post but I did make two so that DD can have one of her own and not steal mine.

I followed the fab tutorial here and literally within 30 minutes I had these two cuties
Two little strawberry pin cushions 30min make,will link to tutorial tomorrow
Sweet, juicy looking Strawberry pincushions, I'm thinking perhaps a good project for patchwork club.
Talking about that, wish me luck on Wednesday, I wrote a long letter to all the members and posted them (they should get them today) all about my ideas and what I think we should do with the club so that we can discuss them together on Wednesday and then I'll take the presidency on or if we have too many ahhh no, that's not so great voices, I won't :)
And now, I'm off to try and finish my Fat Quarterly name tag swop, considering my Perle thread arrived :)

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  1. poor DH not only an operation but having to lose weight and stop indulging in cakes and all that is naughty, fingers crossed the weight comes off okay.
    Pin cushions worked a treat,will pop over and see the link, also signed up or at least think i have for the me me me link.

  2. Love the pin cushions. Not easy losing weight men do seem to lose more when they put there mind to it. So busy at the moment hope to quiten down end of June.


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