18 May, 2013

Go Grab a free Craftsy course

Ok, you know how I love my Craftsy courses, well today only, for those not already subscribed/taking a course, they are giving away some free courses Go check them out there are some really fab looking ones,sewing, quilting, cooking, cake decorating, crochet....
go on, sign up, you can follow the courses at your own pace, you can pause, rewind, rewatch, its valid forever, theres great class interaction... and Craftsy are donating to charity :)

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  1. Thanks for the tip - I've just 'bought' the 'Re-piecing the past' course...

  2. Thanks Pippa, still in the UK so would have missed this. I've also gone for the Re-piecing the past. Weather is awful here, raining and cold, fed up of it, can't believe we were sat in 30 degrees a few weeks ago!


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