02 May, 2013

FNWF Reminder

Just hemmed 3 pairs of DS's new jeans.... well that iron on hemming stuff counts and ohh it's getting fiddly now he only has to have about an inch taken up, oh and can I just say, I ACCIDENTALLY left my iron on high last week for a whole 24 hours, we were out shopping and when I got back I thought oh, feels a bit hot near my sewing machine.... wouldn't you think they'd have non use cut outs???? hope my new one has, lucky it didn't catch fire :(

Just a reminder that it's FNWF tomorrow night,
I think I may be hand stitching binding on or perhaps some paper piecing, always goes down well with a glass of wine :)
I'm going to post my piccies on IG too but if you fancy joining me, go link up here :)

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  1. I often left my old iron on for ages, but the new one has a sleep mode so hopefully no more accidents!

  2. Seems to be catching, my iron was left on for hours the other day too a very old non steam iron and does not seem to have been effected by being on for so long.

    Been without internet as router broke on monday, back on line now so lots to catch up with. Like your collage of aprils work. Did you sort out your walking foot, mine came with my bernina.

  3. I absolutely have to use an iron with auto shut-off after a couple of accidents myself!


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