31 May, 2013

Sample swop goodies

It's been a busy week here, rainy, wet and miserable but busy all the same.
I've got a quilt finish to show you if the sun ever shines and I get time tonight to sew on the binding.
I pulled my back again yesterday so have had to take it easy which means no sewing :( but I did get the other machine out and spent the afternoon swopping threads, cutting threads, swopping threads and now I've finished my sample swop items for retreat.

@fatquarterly sample swops done :) would anyone want to buy any at market? How do u price things? #sodifficult

I'm contemplating making more as there's a quilt market on Saturday night where you can sell bits and pieces, my major problem is I don't know how much to sell things for :(
I've also got something else up my sleeve and I need to find time to get it stitched out.

Least now, my name tag is finished, my sample swops are finished, I've got my class materials together...corrr I'm organised :)
Have a fab Saturday

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27 May, 2013

Me Me Me Monday

I saw a fab idea from moira@kettleboiler and she's doing a ME ME Me link up, if you do any sewing/quilting that is specifically for you then you can link up.

There's even a Flickr Group all set up and ready to go.

Today, I'm cream crackered, DH and I had to go to a specialist about a hernia he has in his stomach, after 6 years of waiting we've finally decided it needs to be operated on, so the specialist said, yup it needs to be patched with a big piece of webbing, so do you want to come in next week ??? errr no, DH has a big dragster bike season and it finishes on September 22nd, so he's now booked in with a private room + wifi (lol) for 29th September (I do love the french health system) and he (and it won't do me any harm at all) has to try and lose 20 kilos by then, It's 18 weeks so quite difficult but we can try our best.  So starting tomorrow, no more cake pictures, no more cinnamon roll pictures.... :( salad, rabbit food ewwww...

Anyway, last night after ripping the frame purse to bits and putting it in the bin in annoyance, I decided to make a pin cushion.  I know this is supposed to be a me me me post but I did make two so that DD can have one of her own and not steal mine.

I followed the fab tutorial here and literally within 30 minutes I had these two cuties
Two little strawberry pin cushions 30min make,will link to tutorial tomorrow
Sweet, juicy looking Strawberry pincushions, I'm thinking perhaps a good project for patchwork club.
Talking about that, wish me luck on Wednesday, I wrote a long letter to all the members and posted them (they should get them today) all about my ideas and what I think we should do with the club so that we can discuss them together on Wednesday and then I'll take the presidency on or if we have too many ahhh no, that's not so great voices, I won't :)
And now, I'm off to try and finish my Fat Quarterly name tag swop, considering my Perle thread arrived :)

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26 May, 2013

Not so straight clasp purse

I spent some of yesterday evening making my first ever clasp purse,I ordered sew in ones from etsy because me and glue do not get on. It looked straight until I sewed the frame on...now I'm not sure if I can leave it being lopsided or will have to start again :(
Its Mothers Day here in France,I got woken up way too early to be presented with gifts....and the sun is shining,its gonna be a good day

25 May, 2013

Time to vote

Hi All
it's time to vote for your favorite quilts in loads of categories on the Blogger's quilt festival. So go and take a look and have a vote... now should you wish to vote for my quilt in the scrappy section i'm here and No 27

Have a great Saturday

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22 May, 2013

What a week Wednesday

Yup, it's one of those weeks, Saturday we had to go and pick up a delivery for DH as the courrier failed to deliver in on Friday, bought a new car radio and the wires are wrong so we're waiting for an adaptor, aircon on the car needed refilling and it's since peed down with rain constantly, so much we're flooding....

Our cat's been missing for 8 days too, we've called, we've hunted, walked the neighbourhood, told neighbours etc etc, I thought I saw him yesterday but this cat had only half a tail and he didn't meow when I called him, 4 hours later DH and I heard a pitiful cry. I was scared to open the door, but in Sizzle walked, he has lost over a kilo in weight, he was walking with a funny gait and his tail was hanging straight down. We fed him, watered him and gave him painkillers, he slept, he purred and was generally lying around and resting.
Anyway, today DH insisted we take him to the vets, he thought he'd dislocated his hip.... it turns out :-
Broken tailbone, broken back at base of hips 3 weeks rest and painkillers,not allowed out of rabbit cage
He's broken his tailbone fairly near the top and he's broken his back at the bottom of his spine near his hip. The vet's surprised he managed to walk home, She said he's been hit by a car :( rested up a few days and then struggled home. But they are apparently fairly resilient, he's got 3 weeks of rest and anti inflammatory syrup, he's not allowed out of this rabbit cage for 3 whole weeks..... it's ok now because he's resting and not feeling well but god help us when he's feeling more normal, he sings and sings all day/night long usually

Child writing block labelsWhile we were waiting for the vets appointment, I got busy with my Sew Euro Bee An quilt, I made 2 more blocks and yesterday evening the kids got busy pinning labels and arranging the quilt,

It's nice having child slaves and then today I got busy and look what I've got
the sun shone enough for me to grab a flimsy photo

sew euro bee an bee quilt flimsy

Now to chase up the siggy blocks and get busy quilting :) perhaps not a finish for May as I'm waiting on 2 rolls of batting and some new frame leaders :O)

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19 May, 2013

Scrap Vomit Square Swop

Yes, I know I said I wasn't going to make another vomit quilt but I love it so much and I've got new fabric that didn't go in the old quilt, so I'm starting another one or at least starting to collect the squares.

If you don't know much about the Scrap Vomit quilt, please check out imagingermonkey but for the smaller quilt I made last time, you need 965 different squares.

I know there are a few on flickr who want to swop some squares so I thought i'd organise a SV Swop.
Of course, if your saving up your squares for a postage stamp quilt, you could come and swop with us too.

The idea is you cut up 49 different 2.5" fabric squares, please not the selvedges or scraps and IDEALLY they will be DIFFERENT fabrics but if you have to duplicate, please not more than 3 or 4.

I know I used different types of fabric in my scrap vomit, some polycotton, some linen, quilters cotton and some slightly thicker stuff but preferably the swop will be for Quilters 100% cotton.  They can be gorgeous fabrics, they can be novelty or yukky fabrics because all fabric is beautiful in it's own way.  Please not completely plain squares.

I'm hoping there will be enough people willing to swop  Worldwide, if you can't afford postage out of your country, please let me know via Email and I'll make sure your paired with someone from your own country.

Swop will be left open until June 10th, I'll email you your partners by the 14th and i'm envisaging everyone will have posted their squares by the end of the June.

Please spread the word, the more swoppers we get the more yummy fabrics.

To register for the swop please Email me with SWOP in the subject line, I need your name, mailing address and how many people your willing to swop with and if your fine with worldwide or only your own country.

Let the swopping and cutting begin :)

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Blogger's Quilt Festival

I've never entered, always thought, ohhh I'd love to put this quilt up but not had the guts to do so, this time I'm just going to bite the bullet and enter :)

I'm entering in the Scrap Quilt category and I'm putting the Scrap Vomit up :)

The quilt entails sewing 1225 2.5" squares together, all different fabrics, some truly yukky and some gorgeous ones, a totally scrappy quilt, it's based on a tutorial by I'm a Ginger Monkey


Just fits the wall lol....#scrapvomit back

side view

It finishes at 70" square and was machine pieced (aurifil 50wt) and machine quilted by myself using Superior Poly thread.  I used fleece for batting and a cotton sheet for the back, lime sketch for the binding.

Please take a few minutes to check out the other fab quilt entries and don't forget to vote from 24th.

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18 May, 2013

Go Grab a free Craftsy course

Ok, you know how I love my Craftsy courses, well today only, for those not already subscribed/taking a course, they are giving away some free courses Go check them out there are some really fab looking ones,sewing, quilting, cooking, cake decorating, crochet....
go on, sign up, you can follow the courses at your own pace, you can pause, rewind, rewatch, its valid forever, theres great class interaction... and Craftsy are donating to charity :)

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Thank you

Thank you for all your birthday wishes, I had a lovely birthday and lots of lovely pressies. I'm going to be enjoying lots of bits for my patchwork, some are still in the post and haven't arrived but....


My french neighbours bought me some gorgeous Oakshott charms and a lovely moda charm pack. I think I'm going to plan a lush quilt with my text charms/rainbow charms and these oakshotts mixed in. Any great patterns for charm packs ???

I had a quick go on the iron and love it, I'd have thrown an iron at DH if he had bought me one 5 or 6 years ago, now I love him for buying me one...lol how times change.
He went out and bought his own pressies too,

UntitledI had this cute USB key (see hints do work sometimes) and he bought a fab pressie...

yes he has gone one better than the bobbin winder and purchased me the electric bias binding machine, I tried it and it folds and irons the binding really well, I'm now waiting on a 11/2 inch single quilt fold tip and a 1/4" for celtic work, we may be adapting it slightly to add the adhesive strips.

I've been busy trying to make some prototypes for my Sample swop at retreat,
Sample swop prototype @fatquarterly
Back of prototype @fatquarterly would you be happy to get one ??? If I don't get a start on, i'll be panicking and stressing that my work isn't good enough, well I got good reviews for these cute small scissor holders, so I'm going with these. I've ordered some new embroidery needles and will hopefully get one or two done next wee, I only need to make 3 or 4 but am thinking it wouldn't do any harm to have some extras stashed about my person.
I'm also storming ahead with my name tag and have to make the lanyard and embroider the name when the thread arrives.

And this afternoon, my mum's taken the boy to stay with her and dad for the weekend, well actually until Monday, so dh, me and Amelia have the weekend to do as we please....I think A and I will have to tidy the sewing room and I'm going to sit and digest these lovely french mags I bought today
While Amelia plays with the sizzix and some card.

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17 May, 2013


Hi All,
It's my birthday today so I'm going to be really quick posting this as it's soon time for me to go and blow out the candles on the cake, there are quite a lot of them this year, 38 to be precise :( I'll try and post some piccies of all the lovely things I got tomorrow :)

Anyway, I spent 15 minutes this morning finishing up the Siblings Together binding and getting the label on, the sun has shone down on me and I rushed outside to take photo's.

The Siblings Together quilt is a collaboration between me in France and Betty in the Netherlands.
#siblingstogether quilt

It's pieced with stash and Kona Snow, I used Aurifil 50wt to piece mine. The block tutorial was from Sarah in Northern Ireland and it was used for a bee blessed quilt, the tutorial can be found Here
Quilted by me on my frame with superior thread Seashell, great variegated with light pink, light aqua, light yellow and light blue.
Backing and binding
Finished up about 50x60"

Am linking up with TGIFF so go check out the great finishes for this week.

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16 May, 2013

Possible Changes afoot

A complete surprise to me yesterday at patchwork club, the president that started us all off and likes to get lots of the press attention, big wigs like the maire (mayor) congratulating her, etc etc is stepping down and they asked ME !!!! if I want to take over the presidency.

I told them I need to think about it and I'd like some opinions,

1, I'm not really into the hierarchy of associations, I don't like bowing and scraping to people, I don't like the MMe President label and heads of associations here, even head of little ones are quite prestigious. I'm honoured to have been asked, especially as I'm English and we're mostly a French bunch.

2, I'm really going to struggle with the language, I could sort of cope in English, having to stand up and talk once in a while but in French EEEKK. The girls themselves are fine, they help me and correct my french and I could struggle through but if I have to talk infront of other people as the president I'd panic and probably muck up.

3, They are mainly hand quilters/patchworkers which isn't necessarily a problem it just means I'd have to look at more handy projects.

Now, I have had ideas for the club in the past and they've been well received but the president never really wanted to spend money, we've had quilt shows, christmas sales etc etc and accrued quite a decent some of money in the bank, we all pay our yearly subs and get absolutely NOTHING out of it. The hall where we meet I *think* is given to us free from the town but we have to pay insurance/heating/electric.
I suggested we buy a Sizzix *shock horror* when I took it the ladies all were really impressed with the hexagons and how quickly I could cut them, but whether they'd use it to it's full advantage I don't know.

Fabric here is horrendous price for pretty yucky stuff, but they are older and like the browns/tans/creams/reds but the shops here (those that can actually get to the main town 50kms away) aren't that great, I have again suggested ordering from the US and I'd sort it, the ladies all were really interested and then it never happened. Do you think it's really bad of me to want to suggest we get say £25/30E worth of fabric each out of the club money and I'll order it from UK or US for our own stashes.

I've asked I don't know how many times could we make a charity quilt together....all poo poohed and *no money for fabric* ...

Would a magazine sub for the club be out of the question ??? alot of the older people can't get online to sort out one,

We used to do BOM's or mystery quilts, sometimes a *task* over the summer, for a few years now it's more of a bring your own stuff and sew.

I'd like to buy wadding, thread, some perle thread, fabric etc for us all to use on a club project and if people want extra, I can order it,
Most of them would love to learn celtic work but they haven't ever had the bias binding machine or find it difficult to source the adhesive etc, I'm sure I can help with little projects or ideas.

Do you think it's a bit pushy, I'm all up in the air, I'm hoping my ideas could work, I'd like to get more English and French members because otherwise we're gonna shrivel up and die, but I'm really not sure I've got the ability or the language skills....

So anyway, please if you go to a quilt club/guild can you give me some idea of what you do, do u have to wear name tags (I still don't know all the names of the 20 odd members, how bad is that) do you do group projects, charity, what goes down well, any group purchases, etc etc or if you don't go to a club, what would you like to see in one :)

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14 May, 2013

Tuesday Twitters

Just a quickie,it's not been a fab week to be honest, my parents have had to have their 11 year old dog put to sleep, he's been one of the family, he's had his problems in the last few months and today jumped off a low chair and cracked a bone in his shoulder/leg, along with his heart murmur, sight loss in one eye and mostly blind in the other, alzheimers and general weirdness, the vet thinks he might have had a brain tumour, a hard decision but one that's the best for everyone :( it's so tough losing a close pet.

And my machine woes continue yesterday my Brother machine didn't want to play nicely again...DH and I deduced it's overheating somehow, he punched a hole in the casing and *touch wood* it seems to be playing nicer.  I managed to get a speed control from Ebay, some new bungees and leaders, oh and a fab walking foot for the Bernina :)
I'll soon have absolutely no excuse not to get my frame quilting upto scratch.

#siblingstogether dds decided on layout,now to stick row labels and sew together will be 48x60 to fit backing :) Anyway, I *knew* I had to get the siblings together quilt sewn together at least, Betty had made me 10 blocks and I finished off the other blocks I needed on the weekend, so with 20 blocks DD decided where they were going and by Sunday evening, I had a flimsy top :)

#siblingstogether front,now what binding ?

The front of the quilt, fresh off the frame, its a very large meander in a rainbow variegated superior thread, I wanted it to be cuddly and not overquilted.

Fresh off frame #siblingstogether back
The backing is a cute slightly heavier cotton fabric and it says its from the Netherlands on the selvedge

I've cut the binding, once again with the sizzix and am hoping to sew it down tomorrow at patchwork club. As it's my birthday week, I have to provide cake, cider, fizzy wine and juice tomorrow. Cinnamon rolls to the rescue :)
320" binding in one swoop with @sizzix_UK

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10 May, 2013

Soda Pop Sweetness

My little secret is about to be revealed, I was naughty again *sigh* On Wednesday, I succumbed and bought Soda Pop from Sara@Sewsweetness, You do remember I had an inkling I wanted to make it because I happened to purchase 8 Curtain grommets when the fabric shop was closing lol...

So after buying the pattern I went on the search for suitable fabric, #sodapop fabric help pls leaning towards @tulapink but was keeping it for #citysampler @sewsweetness red/white combo for first one maybe @imagingermonkey
Some IG help and yes, Tulapink's frogs.... WTF I could not work out how to get the pattern pieces out of the fabric, DOH !!! all the pieces were half yards not full yards. Before FQR and Flicker I always bought yards of everything but then moved to half yards, I really could've cried not having enough frogs to make the bag... (i'll be ordering some very soon if I can get another half yard)

So then decided on the yellow with silver, the aqua pattern for inside and I wanted the birds on the chairs, hmmm note to self, if you can make something difficult you will.

Thursday afternoon I started cutting out the pieces, fusing them (note to self, make sure you pay attention with cutting on fold, I cut my lining the wrong way and had to seam it together carefully)
this time I used heavy fusible interfacing for the lining and bases and just batting for the exterior bits. I used the really thick felt for a base that I popped in once I'd turned it out

#sodapop in progress,time to stop kids want some mummy time grrrr

Great pattern as usual, easy to follow, such simple instructions even for me :) and I managed to change bits and go with the flow more.
By the evening I had a complete lining with only one pocket not 2, which I'd customised to fit my phone, a pen pocket and I remembered to sew in my O ring for my keys.

#sodapop lining done,time for bed
Do you know how frustrating it is when you want to get on but the kids want to snuggle with mummy and watch a film before bed GRRRRR

This morning, I got up early and carried on, I only wanted grommets one side so just made 4 holes, then I didn't want to use a whole piece of birds fabric for the grommets so I cut some cheap solid to the shape and fixed the birds/chairs with fusible webbing to the plain, using only like 4 inches each grommet. They were a b****r to make sure I had enough of the chair or bird in each one, would've been so much easier without fussy cutting but I think it looks fab so worth the effort.
So wishing I wasn't going out #sodapop bag will have to wait for its straps :(

By 9am I had the 4 grommets and was ready to start the handles, had to go out shopping and restarted at about 5.30 this evening.

Handles, again adapted the pattern, I like solid handles so I shoved some webbing inside and covered them, luckily the webbing was the right size.
I had a big grin on my face as I was topstitching the handles. Suddenly a wave of pride hit me, I made my first bag back in January last year and it was more of a basket than a proper bag. I really feel that since Fat Quarterly Retreat, meeting more people, getting encouragement on twitter, Instagram and via the blog has helped me be more adventurous and tackle things I wouldn't ever have dreamt of. So thank you all for following me, encouraging me and challenging me.

Anyway, back to the bag, Changed machines to topstitch with the walking foot and 10 minutes later TADAHHH the finished bag
#sodapop bag done...@sewsweetness I love it,fab tutorial and so proud of how far my sewing/quilting has come on in last 12 months,thanks to twitter + @fat quarterly retreat & peeps x
The outside,

The inside (i'm not sewing the lining up yet as I'm going to put bag feet on the bottom once they arrive)
and a close up of the fussy cut grommets

If you want to make your own Soda pop or perhaps the aeroplane bag Sara has a special coupon code on her site at the moment, just use happyspring for 20% off your entire order. The coupon code is good through Saturday, May 11th at 11pm CT. So go check out Sew Sweetness Pattern shop

And I'm going to link up to TGIFF as yup it got finished today and it's Friday, can't wait to take it out and try it tomorrow.
Have a fab weekend.

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