20 April, 2013

WOW !!!

Wowsers, we all definitely love the fabric lol, 431 entries at the moment and 31 more GFC and I think about 20 bloglovin new followers :) I hope you'll stay around after the giveaway, I'll try and keep you here lol..

I'm sorry but it's just impossible to answer all your emails but I've read them all and it looks like lap quilts and cushions are a favourite. Can't wait to see what the eventual winner does make with the bundle.

I've been reading Angela's FMQ book and I'm still stuck on her first feather lesson on the craftsy course, things keep getting in the way but she seems so down to earth on Craftsy, just think one day we could be fabric designers....

I've been book buying today. Have you seen Tula Pink's new book,

City Sampler is going to be the next big thing in the quilting world, forget SBS or Dear Jane's, this is the modern quilter's sampler quilt. I ordered mine from The Book Depository because they have it in stock and it was either that, wait for amazon to deliver in May or buy the kindle version. I decided that as Tula's pictures are always so fab that I wanted the paper version.

Then Julie announced her Tula block of the month Quilt along including lots of different options, f/q f/e yearly or monthly payment, if I was in the US I'd definitely sign up for it but I just know postage will kill me so I'm going for a scrappy stash busting version with some fabric purchases here and there :) I'm hoping to follow Julie's block along but not sure I can manage 10 a month, we'll see.

Sew Sweetness

Sew Sweetness is also having a sew along starting conveniently the Monday after my birthday *fabric pressies* and you can check her details out Here at least with 2 groups it might give me the oomph to get them done. *Apparently* they take less than 30 minutes a block, it'll probably take me that long to cut them out let alone finish them lol...

Is anyone else going to join in ???

I've got a quilt flimsy finish to show you tomorrow, I was going to post today but then I saw something more important that I really hope you'll get involved with and it really won't take any of us long to whip up.

Berene of the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild came up with the fab idea to share some love and show our support to the people of Boston, she's asking that we whip up a simple flag/bunting and sent it to them, Tutorial and info here then they will be joined up and draped around Boston.  So please give up an hour or two of your time and make a flag.

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  1. That book looks fab - love Tula Pink so may just wander over to the Book Depository. If only we could hang bunting all over the world - there are so many places that desperately need peace at the moment :(

  2. I am kicking myself, have ordered from amazon and have to wait, should have looked at the book depository, never mind they say good things come to those who wait! Have the dear Jane book but I need instructions and the blocks being so tiny have only attempted one.
    Have sorted out bloglovin now after a few attempts.

  3. I keep seeing posts about TulaSamplerlongs and have to cover my eyes. I say, self, don't join another thing. Then I peek through my fingers and really want to join.


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