09 April, 2013

Tuesday twitterings

Ohhh what a mad few days,DH took a week's holiday to build his dragbike, didn't succeed in finishing it but also means that for the last 13 days he has not done much child care helping, no school runs,no sick child caring and not even much coffee making...yes i'm moaning and yes I've moaned to him too.. :)
As you can see (here is himself testing his leathers which had to be zipped together and are a bit tight on the waist/zip section) the dragster is far from finished, he's supposed to be at a test session on 20th, can't see him making it lol

Dh practicing his racing pose....not long to go and he'll be doing 130mph in 400m *eek* #imscared

Last night I got busy making these two bee blocks, they were definitely fun to do, I wanted to make sure my piecing was as accurate as I could get it so Celine had an easy job matching them all.

Block 2

One down one to go

She wanted texts, fussy cuts and I made the top one fairly *english* scooters, english fabric designers and the bottom one had french words, wine, shop words :)

1st #siblingstogether quilt finished, waiting for label and onto finishing No2
The siblings together quilt is bound and finished, I'm waiting for the sun to come out so I can take *proper* piccies, I bound it with aqua sketch and I think it really helps bring the aqua bits out on the quilt.  My DS really wants to keep it for himself and he's jealous another boy or girl is going to get it.lol

Friday night stitching and early night for me

Finished carrots,one more block to do

For Friday night's stitching I got the carrot head finished and the rabbit done, I'm now doing bits of the bird house and can start on the piecing elements of the blocks.

Remind me to tell you tomorrow all about my Instagram virtual sew in with cara@pinkstitches :) and I might have a very exciting giveaway to tell you about too....

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  1. Your blocks look fantastic. Hope the weather improves soon for a good look at your siblings together quilt. Had a chuckle at the photo of your dh - doesn't look very comfy!

  2. your blocks really caught my eye, they are a bit different to the usual blocks I see. Look forward to seeing the finished quilt when the sun comes out.
    and ehat is goig to happn with the rabbit and carrot.

    Reminding you to tell us aboit your instagram

  3. Bless - big boys and their toys! Your blocks for Sew Euro Bee An look fab - panicking slightly at requirement of texts and fussy cuts!

  4. That does not look very comfy! Rather him than me! We haven't been to drag races for years. Hugs x


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