05 April, 2013

Siblings together and other bits

We're a sick house again here *sigh* the kids colds have taken them over and they are both on anti biotics and coughing in tandem all night, so lots of disturbed sleep for us all (with the exception of DH who slept through the hurricane) I managed to get one to school most of the week and then the other one off lol... so just one at home at any one time :)

Today it's big boy's turn to be at home but he's snuggled up on the settee with quilts and the tv, while I did some stitching for the happy scrappy spring. I sat this morning and finished the carrot Sick child so I'm sitting with him and actually stitching a carrot....
and i'm going to start on the bunny rabbit in a bit.

During the evenings I've been doing some handstitching and I've got all the Lozenges together @lilysquilts lozenges finished now 22 triangles for edges,some borders and it'll be a bolster pillow all out of a single charm pack...tiny lozenges
Now I'm thinking I need to make the edge triangles so that I can put borders on, Lynne says to applique it onto the fabric but i'm not sure, what do u reckon ??? would have to do it by machine because it'll be washed lots.

The siblings quilt has sat on the frame all week and I decided he could watch tv just as easily with me quilting at the frame, it's still a learning curve, I'm far from perfect but today we had no thread breakages (superior bobbin thread and yli variegated cotton quilting thread) no needle breaks, not too many machine stops but I've worked out its quilt tension issues and a very heavy paperweight works miracles lol.
#siblingstogether @lilysquilts and front... Do u think solid black for binding or red...red/white or scrappy from leftovers ????

Just off frame #siblingstogether @lilysquilts
So now i'm auditioning binding and have had a mad lets try aqua sketch moment... think it'll add the zing I want the binding to have, I'm definitely getting more adventurous in binding choices and the vomit binding definitely makes a difference to it, will ask dh to choose...

And I put all my seweurobeean blocks together and this is what it looks like, I'm missing 2 blocks and need to make some more to make it larger,
bee blocks

ohhh and I made some siblings blocks.... finally I've made all 25 blocks of the pieces of cake quilt and have cut the strips ready to stitch them together 13 blocks done @croskelley rocks @pink_stitches  how u doing with yours,I'll stop for a bit now :) oh be careful with directional fabrics had to unpick loads :(

so suppose I have been quite busy when I look at this week's stuff lol... my labels arrived from spoonflower tooVery #happy post,thank you @spoonflower 24 labels for just over 11$ #bargain
Don't forget it's Friday Night with friends tonight, I'm planning on some rabbit stitching if the kids are awake but if my miracle they do sleep I think some binding action may be appropriate :O)

Have a fab weekend, see u tomorrow x

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  1. I hope your kids feel better soon!
    You have been busy. Love the Sew-Euro-Bee-An blocks, that quilt is going to look great when it's finished.

  2. I love your bee blocks and think ST looks marvellous - I like the look of the aqua sketch for binding (think I saw it on Twitter?). Hope the bairns are better soon xx

    P.S. Susan machine appliqu├ęd her lozenges to the background and it looks great http://canadianabroad-susan.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/feeling-love.html

  3. You have been a busy bee for sure. Here is a quick tip for those night-time coughs. Put vicks salve (mentholatum salve) on the bottoms of their feet really good and rub it in and it will stop the coughing. I did this for my kids growing up and still use it now when I get a bad cough.

  4. just read about the vick, will remember that when I next get a cough.
    You have been so busy with all the stitching you have done this week Pippa so much to see and admire. Have not done olzenges only hexagons, another thing to go on the "to do one day " list!

  5. when you put it all together you have done well... esp with the LURGY in the house xx hope you manage to avoid it xx


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