28 April, 2013

Sadly not Sunny Sunday

do you get that in your part of the world, we woke up to cold, bit dreary and damp and as we're heading off to bed, clear skies, slightly warmer and dry with even sun.... it's back to front madness lol.. But on a cold weekend the best cure is some Cinnamon rolls

I actually froze one lot of *dough* to defrost and cook on my birthday morning

Weekend sewing has consisted of some Saturday night stitching, I've finished two flags for Boston, the mailing date has been pushed forward and all flags must be in US for 21st May... I quite enjoyed making them and feel at least I'm doing something, DS said oh mum, are these for Charity too, (he's still smarting over the Siblings quilt) and I told him it was for Boston, he saw the pictures on the TV and then we had a discussion about how they caught the bad man and how old he was etc etc.... It's tough having an inquisitive 8 year old sometimes

Saturday night sewing #tobostonwithlove

Then my Tula pink book arrived, OMG I just don't know how to describe the loveliness of this book, I'm in love with the illustrations, the blocks themselves aren't really anything new or different, there's a picture of the finished block and then a beautiful drawing/artwork of how to construct it and that's it but perfect in it's gorgeousness. I so want to start making some blocks but I resisted as I must finish the pieces of cake quilt and try to get some more siblings blocks done before. Untitled
Thinking I might sneak one or two in at some point this week.

Sunday morning was quilting morning, I loaded the quilt earlier in the week, had it all threaded, bobbins wound and had nothing but problems from the start, the machine just kept stopping, how can you practise fluid curves if it stops, needs turning off, turning on and restarting, resulting in jerky movements. I burst into tears of frustration, stomped off and told DH I was giving up quilting, sewing the lot... he got the sewing machine oil out, oiled it thoroughly, went through his mechanical engineering head of his and we worked together to try and resolve the problems. Its tough when a, I haven't quilted on anything else really, b, you don't know if the machine's playing up or the frame and c, it's all a too steep learning curve.
So a glass of wine with lunch, time for the machine to cool off, oil sink in and armed with some non stick matting to stop vibration, new needle, I set too... last time I quilted on it, no problems at all and I realised I'd left the bobbin door open and this morning it had been shut, so I opened the door and apart from some thread breakage had no problems for the rest of the quilt, with the exception of when I closed the bobbin door, so I think it knocks the bobbin plate up slightly and perhaps that causes more vibration through the machine, god only knows. Next time I'll try it with it shut and a sticky note to remind me of today lol... if it mucks around i'll open it and see.
Machine/frame/me playing nicely now
here's me playing with my loops and double loops.
I got to the last run and my bobbins had all run out lol, so time to wind an extra one Last bit and run out of wound bobbins

I've pulled it off and tomorrow will be clipping and hiding threads and then perhaps some binding time later on in the evening, it's my dads Birthday so we're out to lunch and afternoon tea so not much else will get done lol...

Have a great Sunday evening (kids are back to school here so I should be hemming jeans but instead i'm going to lurk on the internet lol)

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  1. Those cinnamon rolls look yummy, Pippa!Thank you for linking to my party.

  2. Sounds like you've been having fun quilting your Piece of Cake! A glass of wine always makes things go better lol :)

  3. amazing what a glass of wine and of course some cinnamon rolls will sort out! I have been where you were before when so frustrated with something say I will never lift a needle again what drama queens we can be!New book looks full of good things both to look at and hopefully to do.

  4. Ooooo love the Boston benners! Esp the one with the peace signs - very appropriate. I have been eyeing up the Tula Pink book for a while, I think it may accidentaly drop into my Amazon basket soon...

  5. The quilting sounds like it's been a bit of a s*d - I hope it's better now, I can't wait to see more of it!


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