23 April, 2013

naughty me,

*Hangs head in shame* yup I've been buying fabric again, not too much this time. I bought more interfacing and canvas to make another aeroplane bag should I want to, I also bought some grommets as I'm really tempted by Sew Sweetness's Soda Pop Bag  I bought transparent grommets so I can choose any fabric

UntitledThe this little piece of Halloween fabric jumped into my bag, I'm going to cut some up for the Fat Quarterly retreat strip swop and I think a friend of mine might like some too

Untitled This panel is from Marblehead by Ro Gregg, I love stained glass work and this panel jumped out at me, luckily it was on 30% off in the sale, I'm thinking it may be good to practice my FMQ on or DH said it would make a good quilt back, I was thinking a wall hanging. Actually as I've been typing this I've come up with an idea, my mum wants something to hide some stains on her settee where hair gel and stuff has stained the backs. Her settee is aqua, wonder what this would look like draped over the back...hmmm
I won a giveaway in March from Pauline@phoenixheirlooms and had it delivered to my mum in UK, she's just come over so I got to ohhh and ahhh, the Journal will be coming with me on Retreat, I'm going to use it for my FMQ doodling and stuff. Yummy fabric, buttons, my DD has claimed the hearts and I'm sure the beautiful Liberty buttons will be well used.

Wonky cos its just shoved up on wall #pieceofcake @craftsy @croskelley  @pink_stitches don't think I'm bordering it

I've finished my Craftsy pieces of cake no 3 quilt, I want to back in in a soft cuddly fleece, it's for my great aunt who i'm visiting in July, she's 75ish and so I don't want it to be too heavy, the only problem being its only just the width of the top and after attempting to load it on the frame I've decided I need to piece the back, I'm going to use some of this quilt blocks fabric to just make a strip.
I sat and doodled the quilting design I wanted, then realised I usually only have a 4 inch pattern size at the end and so it wouldn't work, back to the drawing board, I think perhaps just a swirl.

Things have been a bit slow around here because the kid's are on holiday and DH has been trying to build a patio, both dogs love it because they get to sit on slabs rather than shingle lol

Tomorrow we're having a delayed easter egg hunt with the village club so I need to make a cake hehe
Don't forget to enter the giveaway Here because it's closing on Thursday :)

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  1. Ah another mum who delivers stuff! I'm with the dog - I hate sitting on shingle ;)

  2. tut tut more fabric, must own up to having done the same, 8 half metres from the market, half a meter is the smaller they sell but it is only £4.50 a meter a range of blacks and some more from the create and craft show, I really must start using it and not just hoarding!
    That is a good selection of giveaways you have won.
    Re the panel sounds like a great idea for Mum`s sofa.

  3. It is amazing just how far fabric can jump, isn't it?

  4. love more fabric it gives us inspiration. I'm with the dogs much nicer to have a smooth patio than gravel.


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